Encounter Editor Running, Plot Work Resumed

I was able to get the editor running completely this afternoon. Copy/paste turned out to be a persistent problem, and rather than investing another day or two into it (and possibly modifying the Haxe/NME libraries as well), I decided to back up a step or two and try compiling it as a Flash target.

It took an hour or two before I got it to compile, but to my surprise, it actually ran pretty smoothly. I'm not sure if it's the Haxe NME framework, the UI/redraw optimizations I made, or a combo of the two, but I was able to get the Flash output running at pretty much the same speed as the Windows target.

What's more, the Flash output has a much more robust TextField than the Windows target, which means I could use all the usual word-processing tools, like copy, paste, double-clicking to highlight words, etc.

In fact, the only drawback appears to be the loading speed. I had to do some optimizations to get it loading without timing out.

IMAGE(http://www.bluebottlegames.com/img/screenshots/screenshot-2012-11-16.png) The new editor, finally running!

With the editor up and running, it was time to resume plot work. I dusted off a design doc Cameron and I worked on, and started revising it for flow in the editor. It has a lot of branching in it, and random outcomes, so I want to try and build it efficiently. These tricks help to make it replay slightly differently each time, so getting that to work out is a bit tricky.

So far, I've just got the intro and a few placeholder paths setup. I should be able to delve into it a bit more on Monday.

For now, it's beer o'clock. I hope everyone has a good weekend, and see you Monday!