It's Alive! (Almost)

I finished working on the data saving feature today, and had my first few successful test runs with the data! There were a few bugs that needed sorting out (e.g. fields not saving correctly), but by the time early afternoon rolled around, I was able to add new nodes, edit nodes, and save them successfully.

I even managed to find a few mistakes in the encounters that I added before this new editor, since they were orphaned without any arrows. That last batch of encounters was added entirely through text editor, since it was faster than using the old editor. I must've missed hooking a few of them up. But they're fixed now.

Only one problem remains, now: editor copy/paste functionality. I thought this would be pretty simple to hook up, but it turns out that Haxe NME doesn't have TextFields fully implemented on Windows yet. I can edit the text manually using the keyboard, but I can't ctrl+c/ctrl+v to copy paste into the editor from, say, a Google doc or other app. And I can't copy/paste text from one node to another.

Since that's probably the fastest way to get encounters transferred from my design docs to the editor, I want to investigate it a bit more. I still haven't found a solution, though.

If I can't figure it out, I can probably still outline the nodes and their connections in the editor, then copy/paste the actual body of text into each in a separate application. It's clunky, but it'd work. It'd just be nice to get this editor to a point where I don't have to constantly switch apps to edit, saving and loading each time.

A Note on Spam

Also, some of you may have noticed a recent surge of spam on the site. It seems my usual tricks aren't doing much to stem the tide of spam. So it's time to pull out the big guns.

Starting today, you'll start to notice that the comment/forum posting forms have a privacy policy link on them, near the submit button. I've started using an anti-spam service called Mollom.

When a user makes a post, the post is first sent to the Mollom server for analysis, and if an algorithm detects spam, it'll cancel the post. Since Mollom is used on thousands of other sites, it has spam filters that are always up-to-date, and should do a better job of filtering spam out than I could.

Since your post, username, email address, and other data is being run through Mollom's server, they have to disclose their privacy policy to you. They use the data to compare against known spammer IPs, posting patterns, email addresses, etc. They store the data for up to 2 months, then anonymize it. And they do not share this data with anyone.

I just wanted to let everyone know, in case they're wondering what that privacy policy link was all about. I trust the guy who runs the Mollom service, as I've used his other tools without any issues for a while now.

Hopefully, this means less spam for us all!

Have a good night, everyone. And see you tomorrow!