Items disappear from camps, graphics linger even when you move cells

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Items disappear from camps, graphics linger even when you move cells

I'm not sure whether NPCs trigger this by picking items up - maybe, maybe not.

I leave items lying in camps thinking maybe they'll be safer from looters than if I just leave them in the open (even if this is not the case the camp icon at least gives me a reminder that I might have left stuff here that's not been taken by NPCs yet e.g. if I'm close to the market and need to make a couple of trips to sell items).

Having decided what to leave in the camp, I then do some other stuff, like craft or attack an NPC who comes into the hex, then when I go to retrieve my things from the camp the images are there but can't be interacted with. I can confirm this is not due to NPCs taking items to other hexes, as more than once I've killed the NPC without having to chase them to another hex, then I've had this bug.

When I give up trying to retrieve my items from the camp and move to another hex, the images stay on the camp screen and gradually migrate about the screen as I move from hex to hex. It gets to the point where I look at the camp screen and there are sleeping bags and whatnot sitting over the status bars on the left. It doesn't affect my ability to use the space on the camp screen in other hexes, but it's confusing as hell.

Another similar but less consequential bug relates to automatic container sorting: sometimes it results in items sitting outside the container - they can't be interacted with. If I empty out the container a bit then auto-sort it again it will eventually right itself and I get everything back.

I wanted to say that I experienced the same problem today and it seemed to happen after my char woke up from sleeping. All of the items from the camp were hovering over the main menu button and I could not grab them except for the sleeping bag which seemed to go back into the area inventory when this happened.

I have this problem, too. Very often.
An additional effect is, that tarp shelter and sleeping bag put into camp side do not have any effect anymore, even if additional ones are put in.

Sometimes, the bug is removed when creating a new camp side somewhere else and returning to the previous camp side. Items are then sometimes back in the camping area. This bug is also conserved by saving.

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I'll have to look into this. The AI could definitely make this happen if they entered the hex, and slotted the camp into their camp slot (which is in the upper left corner). But it sounds like this might happen even if the AI doesn't visit.

Item sorting can move items just outside the grid, and maybe there's a bug that gets them stuck out there. This would be different than the above, in that the items would be near the grid, but just outside it, whereas the AI bug would put items at the top left corner of the whole screen.

In any case, I guess I haven't fixed this yet. I'll see what I can do. If you find a reliable way to make this happen, let me know. It'll help me test the fix to see if it covers all cases.


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From your description, it sounds exactly like the AI bug.
And, having a retrospective look on the topic, it could be caused by raiders and looters shredding the place the first time.
Though I guess, this is the right place to start. If I find a reproducible way to trigger the bug, I'll let you know.

Player was gored and eaten by a sabretooth tiger.
Survival Time: 48 days, 16.51 hours.