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Dogman Objects

Hey so i love what you have been doing recently and the game has really improved however i'd like it if we could finally get a reward for killing dogmen, because it is really hard to do, my ideas were,

Dogman pelt: can be made into dogman hat(1 dogman pelt, 5 string, multitool), glove(1 dogman pelt, 6 string, multitool), tunic(3 dogman pelts, 4 string, multitool), pants(2 dogman pelts, 5 string, multitool) when wearing three or more dogman items the chance of humans running away is greater and the chance of dogmen attacking or finding you is smaller

Dogman claws: can be made into "claw on stick"(more effective than cleaver put breaks very easily)(string, stick, claw) Dogman paw(Multitool, 5 string, dogman glove, 5 claws) this would be an effective weapon maybe more so than a cleaver or monkey wrench, "Claw necklace" (4 string + # of claws) for every claw you add you gain a 1% chance not to be found while scavenging up to 10 claws so a maximum of 10%

Dogman meat: you can eat the meat raw which has a 20% chance to poison you or you can cook it with a big fire so you cant be poisoned, dogman meat gives you half your hunger bar, Dogman meat can also be used as a lure when you have trapping skill(dogman meat, trapping skill, multitool) other dog men within approx ten squares are forced to go to the tile and wait there for one turn they are attracted to the blood and meat and the first dogman there destroys it so no other dogmen are affected after that

also maybe you could find normal objects like hoodies, cleavers etc that had the prefix slimy (because the dogman ate it) and you have to clean them in a river or lake(not with bottled water) using a clean rag in order to use them

I hope I have helped give you ideas although you probably already thought about most of them
I would also like it to be understood that when you kill a dogman you might get 1 claw a kill because it is left intact or you might not get the pelt/meat or maybe you get half a pelt because it is wrecked from the fight, because it would be over powered if you got everything. Also maybe you have to use the multitool to harvest from the dogman corpse
If you implement someway of gaining from dogmen that would be great cause they are like a boss with no loot right now

thanks for listening!!!!

Ohmahgosh yes, the last one I killed I had to pump 5 SMP rounds before it decided I didn't make a good entree and ran away.
I think the dogman may be way too big to fully butcher or skin with just a multi tool ,a cleaver might be required because of toughness of the meat and stuff.

Slimy idea, Lol.
Great Post!

I like the idea of being able to make clothing items and accessories out of dogman parts. Every time I'm attacked by one if I'm not already banged up I generally kill them. It seems like running away or letting them run away just leads to them pestering you a few turns later. Not getting any kind of reward besides a few fresh, bleeding wounds for chasing one down and killing it is kind of irritating.

It's possible that ol' Fedor wouldn't want to do this because he wants players to be afraid of Dogmen rather than actively trying to harvest them, but I'd say they're too weak and/or too numerous for that right now. As it stands they're just kind of a nuisance. I'd like to either see them buffed and made less common or actually offer some kind of benefit for emerging victorious. Maybe both.

If they're based on smell and you have hunting, maybe you could also take their musk and stain yourself with it, make the dogman less likely to identify you as food.

Great ideas ! I totally agree. :A

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I recently bought the game and this was one of my first thoughts too! I was only just posting about very similar ideas here!

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Honestly with as tough as dogmen are it would be nice if u cold devolope a tiny bit of meelee skill for each one you defeat