New Editor Progress

I was able to get the new editor displaying nodes and arrows today:

IMAGE( Some familiar spaghetti.

Since it's being written in Haxe NME, and being compiled for Windows, there are some significant differences in the way things work, as compared to the old Flash/AS3 version. UI widgets are pretty different in Haxe NME for windows, so there's a learning curve there. Plus, getting debugging info is a bit harder (no real-time debugging in the IDE).

However, as you can see above, there's a decent amount of stuff that worked out pretty easily. Drawing items is pretty straightforward, and I was able to get the data to load with only one or two snags.

Performance seems good, too. There's one section of the data where the framerate tanks. It's a pile of several hundred nodes that are overlapping (I created them programmatically, so they never got spread out). However, anywhere else on the data map seems much faster than Flash so far. We'll see once I get the other UI widgets hooked up.

Anyway, I'm making progress. It's in fits and starts, but definitely tangible!

That's it for this week. Just a heads-up: Monday is a stat holiday in Canada, so I won't be back at work until Tuesday. I'll still check email periodically, though. So if there are any major issues, send me an email.

Hope everyone has a good weekend!


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Nice progress!

Enjoy the weekend and see you Tuesday ^^