bug or not-- Bandit avatar has a gun but weapon = punch

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bug or not-- Bandit avatar has a gun but weapon = punch

If i had a gun and i was up against myself, I would definitely use it.

It has sentimental value for him. A collector's piece.

Perhaps this is an apocalyptic world where people's body's have mutated to include a gun-like appendage.

Maybe it is actually a papier mache model gun made from scavanged twigs and bits of newspaper in the hopes it would scare away fellow scavangers and raiders before they got too close?

He has no ammo, yet doesn't want to break his rifle by smacking it into your head. Heads are pretty darn hard.

Hm... while i enjoyed every response more than a zero amount, i'd like to give the award to Fez. While not as witty or irreverently humorous, it was well imagined within the scope of the game.

Some excellent probing into the psyche of a wasteland NPC here. They are complex folk, and their customs are not easily understood.

Also, I would love to make the NPCs have paper-doll avatars, so players could see what they're carrying before engaging. I thought about just taking the current paper-doll (like what the player sees in the inventory screen), and skewing it to match the perspective of the map.

However, you'd end up seeing all bandits walking around in a Jesus pose, like the inventory paper doll. That is, unless I redraw the doll pose to be more generic. Though, that would mean redrawing the clothes to fit, and I've been holding off on new item art until I get some other stuff done.

In the meantime, though, you can use the "spy" button to see what they're armed with before engaging. It's not ideal, but like many things, it's a stopgap until a better system is in place :)

Dan Fedor - Founder, Blue Bottle Games

Is your assault-rifle looking thing slung over your back there in the game?