The longest journey

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The longest journey

I have become quiet comfortable here. A camp site next to the black market, the city gates
always in sight, waiting for them to again let people in. Meanwhile I have been scavenging.
I only intended to find food and water, sustain myself, stay out of trouble. But trouble
has a way of finding you. This dogman did tear my up pretty good. A good time to have a
look at this obscure 'nano robot medical kit'. Whoa, that's tingly.

Maybe I could undertake a small journey to the north. I have food, water, a rifle,
some bullets, which I will use immediately from now on to fend of dogmen, I may have
an athletic background and melee training, but I'd rather not that to be my gravestone
inscription... Well, that must be the farthest point north, the rest is water. I should
scavenge some more, I'm starting to use my reserves. Well, I'll be damned. Ten houses,
a handful of shacks and not even a cracker. No more stubborn wandering to the west, it's
time to turn back now. It's gonna be rough if I won't find anything at all on the way.
Wait, no, let's turn a bit more east, under no circumstances I want to stumble in this
cursed house where the Hatter send me. I'd rather dance naked with a dogman. Hungry,
tired, no time to rest. No food left. A hand full of bottles with water, at least
purified water. I'm getting weary, should I leave this second rifle.

Lights on the horizon. There's hope at last. Curses, I shouldn't have mentioned dogmen.
So tired, ouch. Of course I stumbled. Some steps away. Only one bullet loaded. Is this the
end, my friend? Closing my eyes. I pull the trigger. I guess there will be no headstone,
no inscription. What is he waiting for. Dogman? A small rinse of blood, a hole between
the eyes. Is this reality? Detroit is in sight. The blackmarket. Food. Can one really
be that lucky? I shouldn't challenge my karma anymore before I've replenished it. A lot.

I wish I had some more useful skills that'd help me getting food. Beating things
and stuff up only gets you so far. But who expects to wake up in some kind of
post apocalypse? All the times I watched Mad Max and played Wasteland...
And I think my language skills in BASIC won't get me anywhere too.
I will just stay here. Stay here and wait. Wait. Or, maybe, if I
leave some of my gear here, take some more food with me...

Is this gonna be a regular thing?

Water, water nowhere, and I drank the last drop!