Wednesday Demo and Beta Builds, and AFK Tomorrow

Hey Guys! I finally finished yesterday's refactoring, plus some bug fixes, so new builds today!

Demo Updates

Today's demo build (0.911d) has a few bug fixes which should make demo players happy. First of all, I finally fixed the ammo bug in the rifles. Previously, ammo wouldn't load into rifles with slings and/or scopes. Now, you should be able to load both ammo types into all rifles, and use them accordingly.

Secondly, I think I tracked down the "Game Over" bug that was misreporting cause of death! Now, subsequent games should report correct cause of death when the game ends. This should hopefully clear up some confusion as to how players died in some games. This may also address the "death by everything" bug, though I'm not certain. Let me know if you still see that one happening!

And finally, a few other crafting-related bugs should be fixed now. I fixed a bug which was causing soup to magically appear when boiling water in a tin can. (Sorry guys!) Quick recipes should no longer choke when using ingredients that have stuff inside them (like tin cans holding another needed recipe). Crafting should no longer place items inside containers when finished (all items should be laid out side by side in the yield area). This should prevent the ashes from getting stuck in the can during the tin can water boiling recipe.

Beta Updates

Today's beta build (0.921d) includes all of the demo fixes above. Plus, a new crafting/camp item: the noise trap!

Noise trap craftable item

Noise traps can be placed on the ground to help alert the player to approaching enemies while they sleep. If an enemy approaches while you're sleeping, the noise trap will wake you and you can face the creature in regular combat. It isn't 100% effective, though, so you may need more than one to cover your sleeping area!

Also, the recipe buttons now tell you crafting ingredients for each known recipe!

Recipe buttons show recipes as tooltips now!

No more trying to remember which ingredients go with each button. Simply mouse over the button, and any related recipes for that item will be listed in the tooltip!

AFK Tomorrow

As mentioned yesterday, I'll be heading into town tomorrow to check out the first batch of printed thank you cards for "Yukon Edition" customers. Provided everything looks ok, I'll pay for the print job, bring 'em home, and start signing them!

I'm also going to see if I can find some envelopes to mail them in, that way the postcards themselves don't get too dirty or inked up by the postal service.

Since I won't be home, that means I won't be checking messages like I usually do. So there may be a delay in my responding to any emails or forum posts. Just a heads-up! I should be back to normal on Friday.