New Beta and Demo Builds: Right-Clicking and Bug Fixes

I've just finished uploading new beta (0.958b) and demo (0.958d) builds. These latest builds fix a few bugs, plus add support for right-clicking!

Flash Plugin Alert

Before I go any further, I just want to alert any players using the Flash version that this update requires the Flash plugin to be version 11.2 or later. Your browser should prompt you if it's out of date. If it doesn't, you can download the update manually by visiting Adobe's Flash update page. You can also right-click in the Flash plugin while NEO Scavenger is loading, and it should tell you which version of the plugin you have.

If you are using any of the downloaded versions, no updates are necessary. The required Flash updates are built-into the downloadable version of NEO Scavenger.


Version 0.958 now supports right-click context menus on items:

IMAGE( The context menu items and wording are still up for discussion.

Right-clicking on most items in the inventory screen will open a context menu that includes one or more of the following choices:

  • Use - Use/consume the item.
  • Craft - Move the item to the crafting area.
  • Delete - destroy the item.

It's a small list, but I figured I'd start simply, and see how it works first. It'll probably evolve over time, and options will be added, removed, or changed based on user feedback.

At the very least, this should alleviate some of the mousing/clicking required to eat and craft items.

Other Fixes and Updates

The following updates and fixes were also applied:

  • Added campsites to types of items that can't be deleted.
  • Added hardware mouse support (faster/more accurate mouse movement).
  • Fixed a bug that caused degrading items within a stack to remain in place (e.g. endless rags dropping on ground).
  • Added code to allow swapping item with smaller item in container if result would fit.
  • Fixed a bug which caused AI to steal hex resource icons (e.g. lake, trees).

Hopefully, these updates further stabilize the game, and make it a bit easier to use. As always, let me know if there are any issues using the new build!


Valek's picture

Great job! To me, the hardware mouse support makes a HUGE difference! That was something that was annoying before; The mouse cursor was slow and jittery. It's so much better now!

I'm glad to finally be able to right click! I think that was a good idea, starting simple with the choices in the context menu, and then adding more later, if needed.

Jaden Starr's picture
Jaden Starr

One of the latest patches made all my stacks contain only one item. Don't know if it's only one-time because of the conversion.

actually it seems like it's way more complicated. Especially ammunition stacks behave extremely weird, notable example are the ammo cans in the junkyard campsite. try sorting the container, then stacking them again. sometimes the numbers will jump up, sometimes they will move offgrid.

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@Valek, I'm glad to hear the hardware mouse made a difference! I thought it seemed smoother to me, but I wasn't sure if it would be noticeable for others or not.

@Jaden Starr, that sounds like it may be due to the stacking code update. Old save games would have items with a counter to track stacks, while new games require a separate item for each in the stack. So an old save game will only have the base item. Games started after the patch should save stacks correctly, though.

The sorting bug you mention, though, might be something new. When I tested your save, I got an infinite loop bug, which would cause some weirdness. I think an item is being added to its own stack, causing a loop. I'll check it out, thanks!

Dan Fedor - Founder, Blue Bottle Games

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Hardware mouse made a big difference to me. Overall the game feels snappier. Mouse cursor speed is equivalent to FPS in this game, and it got boosted. Big time.

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Jaden Starr

I had discarded the uploaded save as bugged beyond recovery (not without shedding some tears at the 300k $ and my ammo cans), but in a new game I got stuck in a loop that left me with a waiting cursor and no menu items visible (and turns left for that matter) but rapidly went through game time and ended up with me dying of dehydration.