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My own impression

Hello everybody, i enjoyed the demo and like the game. This is defenitely gaem of the year for me. I personally like rpgs and survival genres. If devs can read this, i hope you will release an editor for community, so everybody could make mods and everything.
I sure, will purchase full 25$ version cause this is so cool and awesome. Replayability is >9000. Gl and make more games like this, ur my favourite developer now.
I will suggest my own ideas to you. If you will listen to community this is gonna be great game.

Sorry my english.


Passwords! Passwords! All so difficult!

Hey just to let you know I think there is only one developer right now, Dan. He listens to the community and tries to help out when ever he can. If you have any forum problems let me know ill take a look at it.

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