Locked at 0.00/1.00 moves while starving and parched.

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Locked at 0.00/1.00 moves while starving and parched.

While trying to scavenge for food and water while starving, thrist dropped to parched. When this happened ending turn no longer refilled my movement points, they stayed at 0.00/1.00. Also had the feeble condition and was overweight on gear.

Were you carrying any items at the time? And did dropping gear help at all? Overburdened is supposed to leave you with 0 moves until either some items are dropped, or the player recovers from their weakness. It's meant to prevent people from carrying more than their strength allows.

Let me know if it seemed unintuitive or broken. If you were naked and still couldn't move, then maybe the penalties are too harsh.

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Overburdened is a death sentence with the feeble trait.

When this happens even if you are carrying nothing at all you can't move. I'm pretty sure that being thirsty and hungry doesn't make you so weak you can't carry even your own weight. Why does coldness affect your ability to carry things? I actually live in michigan and no matter how much snow is on the ground it doesn't make me unable to move or lift a couple of bags of groceries haha. I'll send you screenshots, and a game save file in a PM.

Being hungry and thirsty does not impose any penalties on a character - starving and dying of thirst does.

Also, this thread is 2 years old. Please, do not necro-post like that in the future.

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I'm not referring to conditions. I'm referring to the feeling a human being feels when they need food or water in the real world. Perhaps it has a small effect but not eating for two days doesn't make a person unable to carry the clothes on their back and walk around. It's far removed from real life and adds nothing to the entertainment value of the game that is the reason for my post. If it was fun but removed from reality I wouldn't mind, but that is not the case. An issue that still exists in the game with an existing topic seems more reasonable to post in especially with developer posts than creating a new thread.

Thanks for taking an interest

Didn't try dropping anything, and no longer have the save file.

I happened to me once, but I guessed that's how it should be. I was starving, dying of thirst and as tired as human can be (all 3 bars at absolute minimum) so I said to myself: that's how dying of exhaustion could look like, still alive but too weak to even crawl. Then game runned like half of day of rounds with me not able to move, blackout for another couple and then death for starvation (never did I try to take insomnia again). If it's a bug than quite an realistic one :D

p.s. During that situation, when all mentioned stats were at very low, my moves where like -100 form over-encumbrance. I tried to drop all I had and it helped for a turn or two when my stats (hunger and stuff) dropped even lower and I was carrying too much even naked.

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