[BUG] Double "Boiled water in metal pot"

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[BUG] Double "Boiled water in metal pot"

I was messing around with some fires purifying water and trying to get a fire to go out for some ash to cure my squirrels, and I some how ended up with a second recipe for "Boiled water in metal pot" that doesn't actually doing anything.The one that does work, when clicked, functions as expected. It takes the campfire, pot, and water and has campfire, pot, and purified water as the output.But when I click the bugged recipe, nothing happens, despite having all the ingredients available.I think I got the recipe after making "Tiny Campfire (Lit with lighter)" and getting that recipe, then upgraded it with "Campfire (Stroked from flame)" recipe, so that may have some interaction with the bugged "Boiled water in metal pot"This is in the Beta version.Great game, hope this helps.

If I had to guess, it's because unbeknownst to the player, there are actually two kinds of water to boil:Water that is already safe to drink.Water that is not safe to drink.Even thought we don't know which is which, such a distinction is probably in the code.

Yup, this also happens with mushrooms when identifying them


There seems to be one recipe for boiling water from a water flask, and a different one for boiling water taken from a cola bottle. At least that's when I end up with two "Boiled water" recipes. Both work for me, as long as you have water in the respective container.

it doesn't work if you don't have a free hand I've noted


ThanMan and Etna have it: there are duplicate items in the game for unidentified versions of things. And similarly, two recipes for the same output: one recipe for each type of input water.So if you have the unidentified *non-pure* water and you click the button for "boiled water in metal pot" that expects unidentified *pure* water, the game looks at your stuff, says "hey, he only has un-pure water, so I can't do this" and gives up.It's not the ideal system design, it was just the first system I came up with for crafting. I'd like to make it smarter in the future (and have less duplicate items/recipes lying around), I just need to figure out what, and then find the time :)

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