Cauterizing wounds

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Cauterizing wounds

I wonder if more "extreme" medicine would be an interesting idea.

Bullets (gunpowder) + lighter for cauterizing wounds.

If you have those lovely orange pills to survive the pain, why not? :D

Sounds like a pretty decent idea. I do like the sound of some more serious medical cases.

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This topic has been discussed here, including the numerous downsides ascociated with this form of treatment. In short, doing this is a bad idea.

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The downsides of this treatment in a modern setting?
or the idea of more risk vs. reward systems for survival in NS?

In all honesty, the use of academia is great, accuracy is great.

But would these people have written the same paper, if the end of the title was "... when surviving a post apocalyptic world".

If anyone watches Walking Dead - an elderly gentleman recently had to undergo "emergency surgery" at the start of this season.
Extreme circumstances, an extreme solution and the resulting uncertain outcome gave the following episodes great tension.

I'm not expecting to live, it's a rogue-like.
In fact, I might just want to make crazy choices for fun.

If the game ever lets me, children of NS will tell tales of the one-eyed, one-legged, one-armed hero who came from the west :P