Infinite (sort of) dirty rags

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Infinite (sort of) dirty rags

While fighting, I noticed that my one dirty rag was falling apart... every turn.

~The Pirate

Dude i'm having the same problem do not sleep it will bug the game and you will have to lose the save file

- A friendly neighborhood scavenger -

Are any of your clothes or other items at 0%? This is starting to look like a degradation bug. Clothes turn into rags when they reach 0%, and the game tries to put those rags on your character, or the ground. It's possible the rags are being generated, but the 0% clothes are not being removed. So this would keep happening each turn.

Was this version 0.956? I'll see if I can reproduce the bug locally, and stop the fountain of rags!

Dan Fedor - Founder, Blue Bottle Games

Yes, this is version 0.956b. Also, all of my clothes are over 90%. I recently got new clothes after the fight.

~The Pirate

Ok, I think I found the bug. Degrading items are not being deleted correctly, so they continue to degrade each turn. And since many different items degrade into rags, those are the most apparent failure.

I've got a fix here, and I'll try to get it uploaded later today. I'm just going to check out one or two other bugs first, to see if I can fix them too.

In the meantime, you can manually delete either the rags themselves or the source of the rags. Possible sources include any of the following, if at 0%:

hospital gown
clean rags

and they could be coming from sources nested inside other items. E.g. rags in a bag or pocket, or other container.

As always, thanks for the heads-up, and extra info. I'll get this fixed asap!

Dan Fedor - Founder, Blue Bottle Games