beartraps and camoflauge

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beartraps and camoflauge

not sure if its been suggested, but.... beartraps (mostly to injure those scavengers), cammo netting to help hide campsights, and something like say the tarpaulin? (incorrect spelling) that can be placed across windows etc of burned out buildings to improve shelter...

mostly beartraps though

Anything to get back at those thieving sods! I'd love to wander back to the stash and find a bandit or two dead in my traps.

I'd love to set them up in the city to catch looters.

Maybe even take it a few steps further: caltrops (another use for nails!), pressure held tripwires, deadfalls...

Could even camo the traps using those newspapers and leaves.

knowing the luck ive had last few runs.
the scavs would probably steal my bear traps :(

i use the lure combat option quite a lot when fighting, so maybe suggestions such as caltrops could have a similar in-combat use for those without trapping expertise?