Great game, SO MUCH potential for future additions

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Great game, SO MUCH potential for future additions

Loving the game, only just got it this afternoon and already hopelessly addicted.A few tiny points:1) When moving groups of recipes from your inventory to the ground, if you use the one-click option to move from/to your hand to the ground, the last recipe will be random each time you get to it. In other words:pick up group of recipesleft click on group in inventory to drop them one-by-onerepeat this, and each time you will notice the FINAL list is a random one and will be added to your list of recipes, so you can repeat this and get every recipe possible (I presume)2) More Shortcuts PLEEEEEAAAASSSSEEE! And better ones. It would be great to be able to repeat, say, water purification with a single click once I've done it one time. Instead I have to tediously click on each item every time. Also why can't I drag and select groups of items? Having to click on "abilities" to select and ability, then repeat this for EACH MUSHROOM in a stack is incredibly tedious!3) I personally like the lack of stats, but it WOULD be nice to know whether I'd rather see someone coming at me with a crowbar or a meat cleaver. Each has it's advantages, and personally I'd rather have the crowbar for range etc. but is this reflected in the game? It's impossible to guess. Some simple feedback from the character would be great.4) You have GOT to have death-stats! I want to know, how far did I travel on that life? How many dudes did I kill, and with what? How many squirrels did I roast? You just have to have stats, end of story!

Hey PyrionFlax!Cool, glad you're enjoying it so far! And I agree, lots of potential for more add-ons. Too many, even!For the recipes, that's a known bug. Newspapers do the same, too. For now, I'm not in a hurry to fix it because it's a mistake that actually helps educate the user :) However, it should be fixed eventually, once the system works better.Regarding the crafting shortcuts, did you try clicking any of the buttons in the "known recipe" list? Technically, once you complete a recipe for the first time, it should add a button to the list for that recipe. Clicking that button will pre-populate the crafting area with all the necessary skills and ingredients, provided you have them.A few recipes have multiple ways of doing them, such as boiling water. In those cases, the button may only work for the version you've successfully done before. However, once you manually craft each of the boiling water recipes, that one button should sequentially try each until one works, provided you have all the necessary ingredients.Creatures should now list their current weapon along with their condition when you mouse over them. More detail on weapons may be a future feature, but hopefully this helps in the near-term.And yeah, I agree about stats! One of the features on the voting page is for scavenger obituaries and leaderboards, so players can compare various stats about their adventures.Thanks for the feedback!

Dan Fedor - Founder, Blue Bottle Games

In my experience, just setting up the recipe (not actually completing it) gives you the recipe in your known recipes list (at least in the demo, where you don't get the scraps of paper to review and have to discover the recipes completely manually).