Progress on the Endless Stacking Bug

I spent another whole day wrestling with this stacking bug, but I think I'm finally starting to make visible progress. The code changes have been far flung, reaching beyond just the items and inventory screen, including such systems as:

  • Creatures
  • Wounds
  • Camps
  • Player Conditions
  • Save Games

In retrospect, if I had to identify a system that was most in-grained in NEO Scavenger, I now know it would be the item code. Items are just everywhere, and used for everything.

Miraculously, after hacking through the aforementioned systems, tromping on all sorts of delicate pieces, the engine still seems to run! There's still much to be fixed with respect to item stacks, but at least the basic item manipulations seem to have survived the overhaul.

Tomorrow, I'm going to see if I can figure out why take/drop seems to fail when an item lands on a stack, as well as bugs with dropping an item onto a nested container. But so far, things are looking promising.

For now, it's time to switch the brain off. Too much stacking. Tomorrow morning, it'll be back to work. Have a good one, all!