I ate string

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I ate string

I don't know if anyone else has this issue, but I found this out while I was trying to make a shelter. I didn't think I would eat string, let alone 11 strands of it. If I die of diarrhea from this, I am not going to be a happy camper (then again, anyone passing 11 strands of string probably wouldn't be anyway).

If you "consume" a non-consumable item it usually just changes container (mostly backpack to ground or vice-versa), are you sure this didn't happen?

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Sometimes they tend to go into first aid kit, if you have one of course, cause usually there is a perfect 2x2 free spot inside even when you have all the different drug bottles and bandages.

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I checked all over my inventory. It was two clumps of the stuff, so I didn't think it would disappear like that into someone's inventory.

One thing I did notice though that may have been part of the culprit: An object hung on the corner of my inventory: a filled bag. It might have moved there, although I couldn't pull it out and I think the bag eventually returned to my inventory once I made room. Still, in the bag there was no string, but a set of lockpicks and a lighter (which meant it shouldn't have enough room to put string in there anyway).

I'll have to see if I can replicate it.

In the meantime, I guess this is another vote for changing the consume button to a different format.

I hope you at least had some ketchup on that string!

I tried consuming some string on my test build, but it just moved the string around. My first hunch would be that the string moved someplace off-screen (e.g. camp), or inside a container. Sometimes, if there's no room at the top level of a container, an item can be deposited inside a sub-container, like a folded pair of jeans, a soup can, or hoodie.

The new build includes a fix for item animations, that should hopefully make it clearer where a moved item went to. But if you manage to find a way to make the bug happen again, definitely let me know!

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