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A guide thread

Hey guys, i just got this game from pure randomness, knowing nothing about this, yet i love this game hard.

Is there any massive guide for this game? there seems to be a LOT of stuff, yet it dosient teach you anything. Like it took me a few plays to realise i can get branches from forest areas.

If we doint, why not use this thread to put you own tricks and tips?

Here is my tip, if there is a locked shed, you can use a crowbar to pry it open. Oh yeah, almost forgot, you can use the crowbar to pry things open even if you have it stored in your shoping cart, which makes it essential to allways have.

Also, you can stealth kill bandits if you sneak up on them in the cover of darkness, and then chop them up.


Considering how many shopping carts there are in the world and how often they were fished out of rivers you'd think they'd not be quite like the gold dust they are in the game. Perhaps a small percentage chance to scavange one when searching in riverland? ;)