More Stacking Fixes

As mentioned yesterday, I've been working on fixing the issue with equipping stacks of items. I think I got that sorted out today. It turns out that there are many, many different ways that items and stacks combine! Some are pretty hard to handle, too.

One example is when a stacked item is dropped onto a slot that's already occupied with a different item type. Normally, I'd just swap the items, and start dragging the old slotted item. However, since the dropped stack can only deposit one item, there's both a leftover stack, and the old slotted item to deal with.

As a result, there may be certain situations like the above where the game will just skip doing anything with a slot until it's clear. Maybe not ideal, but I think it's better than dropping leftover/swapped items onto the ground in the transaction.

I also managed to find and fix a few other bugs along the way. Bandages were appearing in the wrong place on game load, recipes with stacked ingredients were failing, and battle moves from previous battles were appearing in the UI when a new battle started. I think I've got fixes for all of these.

In the end, I'm trying to play NEO Scavenger for 15-30 minutes without noticing a bug before I start packaging a new build. Hard to do when I've rewritten a deep-down system like item stacking :)

Hang in there, though. It should be ready soon!