New Hex Art, and Equipment Stacking

Hey Folks! I got to spend some quality time with development today, and was able to add some new stuff to NEO Scavenger.

Water Tiles!

Many of you have pointed out that it's a bit weird to have a player that can spot a shack in the woods from kilometers away, but can't seem to pick out whole lakes, rivers, and swamps. I totally agree. So I worked on some water tiles to correct that weirdness:

IMAGE( "Room service..."

Starting clockwise from the top, we now have plains with water, hills with water, and marshes. With these new tiles in place, the plains and hills with water are guaranteed to have either a river or lake, and the marsh is guaranteed to have a marsh.

As a result, regular plains will no longer have any chance of a water resource. Hills and forests, however, may still be hiding one. So players may still find hidden water when they visit hills and forests.

Hopefully, this makes the map a little more sensible. Water isn't a hard thing to come by in temperate Michigan, so the game should reflect that.

Stacking Equipment

I'm also working on a fix for the bug where bandages can be stacked on wounds. In fact, this is a problem with squirrel gloves too, and any other equippable item that can be stacked.

Once the fix is finished, slots should no longer accept stacks of items, unless they are being added to the "hold in hand" slots. I just have to figure out what to do with leftover stack items if the user tried to install a whole stack at once.

That's it for today. Have a good night, all!