Back to Bug Fixing, and Linux Update

Hope everybody had a good weekend! It's starting to get frosty here, so I squeezed in some last minute yard work. Pretty much the rest of my spare time was spent on Defender's Quest, though. That game is deceptively addicting!

Back to Bug Fixing

Most of last week was spent getting Desura cross-play functionality done, since more and more users were asking about that process each day. So far, it seems to be working. Some 75 users have already attempted the process, and all but a dozen seem to have succeeded. The dozen or so incomplete cases haven't emailed me for support yet, so they might just be people bailing out before creating an account at I'm not too worried yet. But if you had trouble with the process, let me know!

Anyway, with that feature running, it was time to get my hands dirty again. One issue I was trying to sort out today involves music and sound. There was a tricky bug in the code that was causing audio to double-up when the game loses focus, sometimes leaving music and looping sounds playing over other sounds in an awful cacophony of noise.

I think I've got a fix for this, so hopefully we can rest our ears in future builds.

I also found a bug that caused game crashes when the AI tried to loot a campsite. The bug may have caused instability in some games, not to mention a failed attempt at looting for the AI. The next build should hopefully run smoother with this fix. Plus, more campsite looting!

Large Save File Bug

One of the players at Desura recently alerted me to a bug in loading large save games. Having explored most of Michigan, their save file was approaching 4MB in size! Needless to say, Flash struggled with this amount of data, and gave up before it could finish loading.

It's a problem with the way I load games, and I'll need to fix it. Flash won't let a script run longer than 15 seconds without moving to the next frame, and this load was taking longer than that. I'll need to rewrite the system to load it in smaller chunks to support save games this big.

It won't happen right away, however. It's a pretty big change, and it'll probably take a while. So if your game is getting quite advanced (75% of the map explored), you may want to be aware of this limitation.

Linux Desura Bug

Lastly, some Linux users have had trouble launching NEO Scavenger through Desura. It turns out there was a mistake in the launching settings for that platform.

If you were experiencing this issue, uninstalling and reinstalling NEO Scavenger via the Desura client should clear it up. Alternately, you can still launch the game manually (e.g. stand alone version, or double-clicking the binary).

That's it for today. Have a good night, all!