Hunting deer and fishing.

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Hunting deer and fishing.

I have been thinking about this and i think it sounds good my first idea is to add a new creature deer they only appear in forests and they don't attack you they just run it is hard to kill a deer using something like a crowbar if you alert them they will be able to run 2 hexes further than an average player so a rifle is your best bet to killing one. After you manage to kill one you would need a meat cleaver to cut it then you can get deer pelt and deer meat deer pelt is stronger than the squirrel pelt and you can make the same items as you could with squirrel pelt and of course cook the deer meat it gives more food than squirrel meat as well. On to my next idea fishing i have not encountered a river randomly in the waste so i'm not sure this would work but the fishing rod would be a item you would have to craft here is my SIMPLE idea of what the craft would be 4x branches 3x string note this is meant to be basic meaning no reel or anything perhaps you could find a better one with a reel from scavenging.
You would first need to find a river (not a item river that you use to create water in crafting a hex river) then you need to go into your inventory and put the fishing rod in your hand then once you click the river tile there is a 30% chance to catch fish with the crappy rod you can craft and 60% chance if you use the good one you can find from scavenging after you catch a fish you can use the multitool to get its meat (and some guts) if you use a meat cleaver you will get an extra peice of meat the fish meat cooks exactly like every peice of meat. So that's my two ideas i hope they where not said before me because i did not check all the pages yet also excuse any grammar mistakes i make i am not the best typer.

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The fishing rod is a neat idea, but I would change the recipe, though.
Branch + 3 String + 1 Scrap -> fishing rod (primitive)
Branch + 3 String + 1 Scrap + Trapping skill -> fishing rod

The mechanics should be exactly as with the squirrel snare, so this item is automatically available in scavenging when an appropriate water body is nearby.

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