Enemy behaviour and retreat distance

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Enemy behaviour and retreat distance

Started a new character last night. Armed with a wrench and rifle (no bullets) I was looking for a the means to make a couple more noise makers before heading east.

Encountered a weak & frail looter. I bashed him up a bit and he ran away.

This guy then kept buzzing around me like a fly until I finally decided to swat him! He would run away even without being threatened or hit, but he kept moving back into my hex while I was trying to scavenge and camp. Very odd AI behaviour.

Later on I ran into a dogman in some woods. I ran and ran and tripped and dodged and ran and ran... until I got 15 bloody moves away, and combat kept going!? I think I was 17 away at one point. Don't get this. I can't fight him, I can't run away? Is this a bug? The cowardly, wounded looter could escape my hex in one turn while two or three moves away.

I keep wanting to sugar criticisms by pointing out that a game must be very promising if people are this interested in a flawed beta, but at the same time I don't want to pretend this didn't annoy the hell out of me.

You should have been using the "retreat" or "desperate retreat" command when far away enough (~6 distance gives ~90% chance of retreating (not sure of actual numbers or formulae)). At least you got the right idea about running from Dogmen, they've meant many deaths for me.

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Key to defeating dogmen in melee combat is parrying. Always choose a parry move if it's available and dogman can attack in this round; wait for your opponent to become vulnerable/fallen and follow-up with your own attacks (kicking is great against fallen enemies, as it tends to keep them on ground, but at the risk of being pulled down).

Running back and retreating are two different commands. Moving back and gaining distance is useful when you have loaded rifle and want some shooting practice.

Was that dogman wounded or something? Cause letting you move so far away is so lame of him. Never happened to me.

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You should be able to retreat from battle at 5-6 hexes with almost 100% success rate. Though, as some have pointed out, that requires a "retreat" move to be used. Increasing distance won't leave the battle. I guess it could, though I thought having explicit "retreat" moves would be clearer (e.g. the game knows when the player means to leave battle vs. just increase range temporarily).

However, 0.954b has its share of bugs, some of which may cause the game to get weird. So if you were trying to use "retreat" and it failed, this could be the case. However, I've not run into that particular behavior yet (usually, it's more along the lines of infinite turn advancement, or inability to advance combat turns).

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