Desura Connect: Live!

Well, I think I've got this Desura connect feature up and running. So I think it's time to see if it works for folks besides me :)

If you purchased a copy of NEO Scavenger on Desura (or Groupees's Be Mine 5 bundle), you should now have the option to connect your Desura account to

IMAGE( From Desura's NEO Scavenger page, just click "Connect" and then "Connect Game"

From the NEO Scavenger page on, or Desura's client, click the Connect tab, and you'll see a page that describes what info will be shared. If you agree, click "Connect Game."

Just to be clear, I only use your info to verify your purchase, and keep your email to contact you if something NEO Scavenger-related needs to be communicated to customers (like where to get a new build if the URL changes, etc.). I will not share your information with any third parties, no matter how much they offer to pay me. I hate spam, and I don't want to contribute to that problem.

After clicking "Connect Game," you'll be taken to, where the site will attempt to authorize your account. If you're not already logged into upon arriving, you'll be asked to login or create an account. Once logged in, it should report whether the update was successful or not.

Note: if you have to create an account, and lose the link to connect the account in the process, you can repeat the Connect process described above, and it should still work. It will only stop working once an account has been successfully linked.

If there are any issues using the process, let me know! It's a first draft, and although it worked in my test cases, I might've missed something :)

Free Feature Vote!

Oh! I almost forgot. Desura customers who complete the above process will receive a free feature vote, similar to what customers received with their "Creamy Crumb" edition. Feel free to use it on the Feature Voting page!

Have fun, and be safe!


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Works nice, and so does the vote ;)

~The Pirate

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It works like magic here! I'd love to see all Desura developers do this! :D