Collecting Rain

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Collecting Rain

How about letting you use a pan as an item while scavenging if it's raining to collect some water? I'm not sure how feasible it is, but it feels weird dieing of thirst when it's raining. :P

4x String, tarp, pan, multi-tool - rain-catcher.

It should be in the game, mainly because it really doesn't take specialization or knowledge to make one.

Totally agree.

Why would one need a rain-catcher to fill up a pan with rainwater? 15 minutes of rain medium would fill it up threefold.

And if rain catching in any form were to be introduced (which is absolutely logical in my opinion) rains should be much rarer and far between. Otherwise whole point of preserving water would be lost, since it rains very often right now.

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About the rarity of rain, Detroit gets about 38 inches per year. This is kind of low compared to other cities such as Houston, Texas (50-60). But the real question would be how rare it is, and how light it is. Seattle for example, gets around the same inches of rain per year as Detroit. But the rain is very frequent (~150 days with precipitation per year), although most of it is light.

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I like echocharliedelta's crafting idea, but I think there should be some sticks required too so it can be suspended and not get all muddy. Just a thought.

I agree about gathering water, particularly if someday we get other "areas" where water sources/rain isn't so plentiful.

Tarp + 4 sticks/leaves + metal pot (+ some sort of tool for digging?)
(scavenge with this item outdoors to sometimes find 1-2 water)

Plastic bag + 2 string + 8 twigs/leaves
(scavenge with this item in forest hexes to sometimes find 1 water)

Tarp + 4 branches + 4 string + metal pot
(scavenge with this item outdoors to find 1-2 water but only when it's raining)

Alternatively, instead of being "use to scavenge items" (like the snare trap is now), these could be camp items that generate water over several hours (or while you sleep); Solar Still only during the day, Dew Gatherer only at night, both only when camping outdoors.

(edited to add "rain catcher")

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I've also thought about this and agree it would be a good and realistic option for survival.

I'm no expert but i was thinking along the lines of using a empty tin can or plastic bottle with a plastic bag (the bag used to catch and funnel the rainwater into the can)

Or we could just sit a couple of pots in various locations and then return to them after a period of days or weeks to see if they contain anything or if they have been stolen or vandalised (or peeed in!)

I'd like to add my voice to this issue: I agree that we should be able to collect water in more ways than just from rivers and marshes and such.

According to the SAS Survival Handbook rain can be consumed without boiling. However, in a post-apocalyptic scenario, that may no longer be the case.

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