Desura Connect Progress, and Combat Bug

Well, I think I've figured out how to make Desura connect work. I've written all the pieces, and they're working locally. So the next step is to migrate the changes to the live server. Provided that test goes well, I should be able to switch on the feature soon. Fingers crossed!

Combat Retreat Bug

I also had a chance to start playing a more lengthy test session today, and ran into a new set of combat bugs. It turns out that if the player and last combatant retreat at the same time, the game gets stuck in an empty combat screen.

Worse, if both combatants retreat into the same adjacent hex, the game seems to crash. I have a feeling this may be the source of some "infinite turn" and "stuck turn" bugs players are seeing. I'm looking into it now, and hopefully I'll have a fix for that in the next update.

So beware of retreating if the opponent looks like he's going to run too :)

Not much else to report today, so have a good one, and see you tomorrow!