Blue Bottle Games logo

Blue Bottle Games is a developer of video game software for web, desktop, and mobile platforms. We serve the core role-playing game market by making role-playing games that focus on:

  • exploring worlds
  • customizing characters and equipment
  • creative problem solving
  • story

We aim to be the go-to developer for rpg fans who want to play computer games their way; a company that is home to top-notch talent, who love playing the products they make; a company that is driven by employees first, not investors.

Business Philosophy

Blue Bottle Games is a small, focused game studio, and respects the user and their time. Our business philosophy can be described in the following tenets:

  • favor intrinsic motivation rather than tricking users into playing certain ways or at certain times
  • avoid DRM, and instead try to leverage piracy as a tool
  • grow our business slowly, sustainably, and only as needed
  • stay adaptable to target market's needs and changing market technologies
  • don't abandon core market in pursuit of larger revenue
  • give customers tools to create content as a means to expand our games, share with others, and increase loyalty
  • avoid ads as a source of revenue, to reinforce Blue Bottle Games brand as a quality developer. Instead, leverage existing games to advertise new games, especially those sharing same setting.
  • collaborate with those who have strong motivation and teamwork skills, in addition to talent
  • share knowledge with other indies, and foster a community of teamwork and encouragement

Target Market

Blue Bottle Games makes video games for players who enjoyed pen and paper role-playing games and want to have those experiences on the computer. We tailor our games to those who enjoy CRPGs but who dislike being pressured to play with others or at certain times.

Blue Bottle Games Team

Blue Bottle Games has one full time employee, Daniel Fedor, and contracts freelancers for all other roles when needed.

Daniel Fedor

Dan is the founder of Blue Bottle Games. Before that, he worked at BioWare for 7 years on AAA rpgs, and as a lead artist and web developer before then. He is a huge rpg nerd, with a deep passion and long history of RPG and strategy gaming. He loves science fiction, post apocalyptic, and fantasy genres.

Review Copies

If you wish to request a copy for review or streaming purposes, please email us.

Press Kit

A Press Kit is available which includes vector formats for the Blue Bottle Games logo (color and black & white), as well as vector logos, screenshots, and capsule artwork for NEO Scavenger and Ostranauts.

Video Policy

If you'd like to create a Let's Play or similar video of Blue Bottle Games's titles, consider this your express permission to do so. We're happy to have folks vidcasting our games, and you're free to monetize said videos. A link back to this site would be appreciated, of course, but is not required.

Fan-Created Merch Policy

If you'd like to create merch for Blue Bottle Games or its titles (e.g. NEO Scavenger, Ostranauts), please contact us directly. In some cases, there may be contractual obligations we must follow regarding the IP.