• Rendering Questions

    Hey Folks! Hope everyone had a good weekend. A lot of nice weather, family time, and Battletech on mine. Plus, I finally saw Blade Runner 2049. (Yes, I consume media with considerable lag.)

    As mentioned last week, I'm currently chewing on some graphics/rendering quandaries raised by Amandine's tech assessment. Emily is ready to start making more art assets, and ship pieces

  • More Faces! And Graphics Musings.

    Hey Folks! Took a bit of a diversion today to catch-up with Emily's latest face work, since she had been waiting a few days for me to drop her latest assets into the game. And as you can see in today's image, they came out pretty well!

    This is literally 8 of the first 10 random faces generated in a quick test run I did while making this news post. Technically, there's

  • Sailing On the Wide Accountancy

    Hey Folks! Almost there with the finances stuff, as it's now up and running and I'm testing it with data, and testing general usability.

    In today's image, we're looking at the live UI, with random line items assigned to it for testing. After hitting the debug key, our player, one Mackenzie Barnes, is bestowed the whopping purse of $10.98, as seen in the top right.

  • Crew Finances Almost Running

    Hey Folks! Still cranking away at the crew finances UI, and we're almost there.

    Today's screenshot isn't a lot different from yesterday, but there are a few additions worth mentioning. We now have left and right arrows which will eventually control stepping forward/back month-by-month to see future or past transactions. There's now a checkbox next to each unpaid item

  • Mo' Money Matters

    Hey Folks! Still at work on the crew finances task. This time on the details page.

    As mentioned yesterday, I want to focus a bit on crew finances since that's the dwindling resource which players need to live. There are others of more or less immediate concern, like life support, crew mood, and fuel. But when it comes down to it, your ability to do things in this world depends on

  • Livin' In the Red

    Hey Folks! Hope everyone had a good weekend. I decided to splurge and pick up Battletech, largely because of its mercenary outfit management bits. A lot of what's going on there is similar to what I'd like to do, so there's some stuff worth researching. Plus, you know, fun :)

    Per last week's devlog, I'm thinking the next thing I should focus on is giving the

  • New Interactions and AI Tweaking

    Hey Folks! A bit of a housekeeping day today, though I did get a bit more work done on making the AI more interesting. Still trying to figure out where to go from here.

    The main changes of note today were adding more in-game effects to Michael's latest batch of interactions. Basically, the psychological "loot" for each interaction, whether it be more self-respect, less

  • New Faces, and Context Menus

    Hey Folks! A couple interesting additions today: new random faces, and context menus for clicked items.

    The new faces are the result of Emily's latest round of face parts. She came up with a few more variations of each face part for the Asian female set, as well as some new layered parts for nose, glasses, and scars. There was a bit of development needed to accommodate the new

  • New Signal Connections, and New AI Interactions

    Hey Folks! Finally got this new signal system working. And was able to load Michael's new interactions, to boot!

    The signal system took most of the day, as there were some edge cases involving the different game modes and other details. But after all was said and done, I think the new signal system is a major improvement. Just pop open the control panel for any item with signal

  • N2 and O2 Both Working, but Conduit Issues

    Hey Folks! Hope everyone enjoyed their weekend. The weather here's been pretty great recently, so we actually visited the beach! Felt good to get outside after a long, wet/cool winter.

    Back at work, I unfortunately had a bunch of admin work to take care of before I could get back to code. The usual monthly tax stuff, filing returns, paying bills. Plus a handful of email inquiries.