• Shore Leave

    Hey Folks! Continuing work on the roster/schedule UI today, mostly on getting the widgets hooked-up to in-game entities.

    The button alignment issue I ran into late yesterday was actually due to child text labels having widths that extended beyond the button. I guess they intercepted clicks for the parent button, and the order of preference favored buttons to the left (added earlier to

  • Ship's Duty Schedule

    Hey Folks! Back to design tasks today, as I decided to tackle crew management.

    I'm still a bit unsure where it's best to go next with features and content, but controlling crew is becoming more and more pertinent as we increase their agency. It's not sufficient anymore to assume any human on a ship is that ship's crew, as we might be at a station doing some shopping

  • Mental Break Day

    Hey Folks! Since I was having a bit of trouble deciding what design feature to add to the space prototype next, I decided to shift gears a bit, and tackle something else I've been wondering about: custom shaders and rendering.

    A while back, I commissioned some of Amandine Coget's time to do a project audit, to get a better idea of where the game's problem areas might be.

  • We Got to Install Microwave Ovens...

    Hey Folks! After a morning full of taxes, accounting, and other administrivia, work resumed on the item installation system. And I've got most of the pieces working now for the main crew member.

    When we left off last week, I was able to select an item, position a placeholder copy of it somewhere, and my crew member would walk to it, take it into their inventory, then walk to the

  • Using Crew to Move Items

    Hey Folks! Some pretty cool progress today, as I focused on some tools to allow crew to move larger items and uninstall/reinstall them.

    The first thing I did was more of a warm-up. I finished the dragging/pulling code I started yesterday afternoon, and formalized it into a simple component I could add to any object. Once added, and told who to follow, that object drags around behind the

  • Dropping Off or Picking Up?

    Hey Folks! Did a bit more work on pre-damaging derelicts today, and expanded inventory access a bit more on crew.

    The pre-damaging so far has just been a matter of damaging tiles and punching holes. But I also wanted canisters and fuel tanks to be all or partially drained, so we wouldn't find ships with full tanks of everything.

    Fortunately, draining these containers turned

  • Derelicts and Debug Info

    Hey Folks! More work today getting a rough salvage game loop established. I added random derelicts to the map, some new debug info to the HUD, and fixed some issues that were exposed by these changes.

    The derelict system turned out to be a cinch. I added a new damage status property to ships so I could spawn them new, damaged, or derelict. "New" just means spawn them normally

  • Ding! Trading Operational

    <Drawing in long breath and exhaling.> Ok. I think we've got trade working now. It was a heck of a day, fraught with niggling, annoying details. But I believe the trade system now works as intended!

    The first order of business was a bug in the ship zone tiles when ships rotated for docking. They needed special treatment since their tile indices became invalid when the ship

  • Station Crew Spawning and Trade

    Hey Folks! Hope everyone had a good weekend. There was an apple picking trip among ours. Plus an extended bout of Rimworld Saturday evening, where half my colony died in a caravan beset by man-eating alphabeavers. RIP the de facto leaders of the colony.

    Back at the office, I resumed work on the trading system, focusing on getting stations to spawn NPCs with whom to trade. I ultimately

  • Ship Editing Fixes, and OKLG

    Hey Folks! I decided to start working on a more representative station layout today. Mainly, this is to get ready to test the bartering and NPC spawning stuff, but it also gives me a chance to find and fix any remaining issues resulting from the migration of the ship editor into the simulation mode. And boy were there some of those.

    One minor issue I encountered was just in the data.