• Take Your Protein Pills and Put Your Helmet On

    Well, we don't have any protein pills yet, but the helmet's getting there!

    Today was all about the equipment system, and getting the game to handle equipping items into specific slots. I added some new features to items to define how they should affect a condition owner (CO) when installed in a slot. And to complete that system, a feature on COs that defines which slots they

  • Underwear!

    Hey Folks! Making headway on the character clothes and appearance today.

    As you can see in the screenshot, we now have underwear! And skin tone/hair color now matches face appearance, including when reloaded from a save file. So now the character's top-down appearance has some semblance of permanence. Which is a big step towards following what your crew is doing, since you can now

  • Drill and EVA Suit

    Hey Folks! Work continued today on tools for the crew, adding the handheld drill and beginnings of an EVA suit.

    The drill was pretty quick to knock-out, as I was able to reuse a lot of the effort from the laser torch setup yesterday. It's the blue tool with LEDs next to the laser torch, near the bottom of today's screenshot. Neither has in-game functions yet, but they are

  • Hand Tools

    Hey Folks! Hope everyone had a good weekend. Ours included a kids' birthday party, karaoke, and furniture shopping. And lots and lots of rain.

    Back at the office, I wrapped-up the save/load bugs I found last week by delving into the room generation code. It turns out it was a simple bit of code I hadn't updated after rejiggering the save system.

    The old way of doing

  • Rooms and Atmo

    Hey Folks! Quick update today, as I have to run to a toddler gathering.

    Most of the day was spent tracking down a weird atmosphere sim bug in the load/save system. It looks like some of the save fixes I made mishandled loading of rooms, and they were ending up both disabled in-game, and with zero volume.

    I was able to fix those issues, and in the process, reduce load times a bit

  • Maiden Voyage, Fixing Saves and Pathfinding

    Hey Folks! Managed to fix several save game and pathfinding issues, launch my crew on their maiden voyage today, but not without issues.

    The first order of business was to finish fixing the save game bug that over- or underpopulated ships loaded from a save file. The issue turned out to be in the Star System's "spawn ship" code. It needed to decide whether to load a ship

  • Save System Fixes

    Hey Folks! A lot of save system work today, as I discovered a pretty big bug while testing character gen and crew hiring.

    Basically, it looks like there was a bug in the ship data saving code that caused ship templates to be overwritten by ships that were based on those templates. E.g. the K-Leg station layout template was overwritten by the current game's instance of K-Leg.

  • Group Spawning, Interactions Clean-up

    Hey Folks! Worked a bit on group spawning rules today, and a lot of general clean-up of interactions and null pointers.

    As mentioned yesterday, the game's spawning rules prevented almost anyone except the first person on each station from appearing. I needed to change the spawning such that it:

    a) didn't care if a similar NPC was already spawned, and b) didn't

  • "Beautiful. You're Hired."

    Hey Folks! Hope everyone enjoyed their weekend. Nothing too crazy here. I ended up buying Ghost Recon Wildlands last week after trying the free weekend, so I ran around Bolivia a bunch, helping the rebels fend off drug cartels.

    Back at the office, I was off to a late start due to a routine check-up at the doctor's. But as you can see in today's screenshot, it's now

  • Hiring

    Hey Folks! Working on the hiring screen today, so we can finally get NPCs to join our crew without debug commands. And hopefully, start spending more time in-game, to figure out how to improve gameplay.

    Setting up the hire interaction was pretty simple. I'm starting to notice a simple pattern here for launching a specialized UI when interactions need one. So that's good. It