• Wanna Buy a Food Packet? No? How About a Floor?

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    Hey Folks! The zone/trade refactor continued today, and is mostly working now. I can add and remove zones from a ship, and use them in the trade UI.

    There were still a handful of gotchas to solve in wrapping-up the zone UI. Adding a name to the zone was particularly tricky, as I had to deal with user-edited names as well as default "Zone 1" style names. Then, some logic to

  • Zone Data Revision

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    Hey Folks! Hope everyone had a good weekend. Some more heavy labor here, as we finished up a path in the front yard. Digging and hauling dirt and rock, grading sand, and laying patio bricks. Nothing like some good old dusty, back-breaking work to give one time to think. And it fortunately gave me an idea for solving my zoning issue.

    I decided to slightly change the way zone info is

  • Trade UI Hooked-Up (Mostly)

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    Hey Folks! I managed to get most of the trade UI hooked-up and running today. Still a few bits missing, but what you see in the image today is actual inventory data from two crew members.

    There were a few bumps on the road getting it all working. Some missed data here and there, null pointers, selection glitches. I still can't figure out why AIs sometimes walk away while the other

  • Trade UI

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    Hey Folks! Working on the trade UI today, in a continued effort to connect systems into at least a crude game loop. I've mostly finished the first draft of the layout, as you can see in today's image. And I've started on the code for it.

    The layout isn't anything too surprising. Your usual scrolling list of items for sale/trade, with widgets to control how much you

  • Basic Zone UI Working

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    Hey Folks! Did some more work on the zone UI today, and I think I've got it working on a basic level now.

    I ended up limiting each tile to one zone flag for now, and setting any flag removes all other flags. This is all independent of equipment installation flags such as "walkable" or "obstruction" or "portal." These are for things such as designating

  • Zones

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    Hey Folks! Hope everyone enjoyed their weekend. I actually managed a trip to PAX on Sunday, and it was a bit weird. I often felt like an outsider peering into a world that was both familiar and somehow not meant for me. I think my eyes passed over a hundred booths showing flashy games that had no impact on me.

    I did, however, really enjoy chatting with the devs I ran into. And there

  • Group Selection, and OOO Monday

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    Hey Folks! I managed to solve the duplicate object bug, and worked on group selection today.

    The duplicate object bug turned out to be a fairly simple fix. Before my shallow ship loading code, the ship would just load everything it needed right away, using the provided data file. But the shallow loading code deferred that until later. Unfortunately, it was using the wrong name for the

  • Back to Space, for a Bit

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    Hey Folks! As mentioned yesterday, I'm going to step back from the NEO Scavenger engine port for a while. Cool off. Recharge my batteries a bit. I still think I'll tackle it at some point, but I can't really spare any more time on it as it's already delayed the space prototype by over a month. And there aren't really any good builds visible on the horizon.


  • Close, but Maybe Not Close Enough

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    Hey Folks! I decided to give it another day of my time, as a few more ideas occurred to me overnight. And I did make a little bit of progress. But I'm not sure it'll be enough to make it worthwhile.

    My first few attempts at rebuilding it with different Lime/OpenFL lib versions didn't help, but I was eventually able to trace the app's renderer setup and force it to

  • We May Have a Problem

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    Hey Folks! Looks like the new build isn't all it's cracked up to be. So far, out of two tests reported by users, only one had any amount of success. And even that was wanting.

    It appears the game won't even launch on a Windows 7 64-bit machine. Just crashes the moment the app window opens. After hearing this reported, I spent most of my morning finding a Win7 machine here