• Heaters and Taxes

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    Hey Folks! Hope everyone enjoyed their weekend. Sort of a busy one here, catching up on chores from when we were sick. I did get back into Oxygen Not Included to see what's new. Though I think I'm barely able to get far enough to notice yet :)

    Heaters are in and working. At least in a basic sense. It's the white box with the metal "X" bracket on it, in front of

  • Heating Done, and LoS Improvement

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    Hey Folks! Feels like I may be on the mend again, as today was the first I've felt better since this all started. And I managed to finish up a few tasks!

    First, the heater code seems to be in a good place. Unsurprisingly, there were a few errors in my approach. For one thing, the heat transfer due to black body radiation depends on the temperature difference between the object and

  • Line of Sight

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    Hey Folks. Bit of a diversion today, as I'm somewhat ill. Not quite sick enough to throw in the towel, but enough that I allowed myself to pursue an idea brought on by a fever dream last night.

    One problem in the space prototype that I've been putting off is the question of how I'll render lights, line of sight, and user perspective. It's a ball of factors that are

  • More Thermoregulation, PLSS, and Heaters

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    Hey Folks! Finished work today on body thermoregulation, as well as starting on heaters for life support.

    After a good night's sleep, I eventually decided on a somewhat simplified system for dealing with the body's thermoregulation. Basically, a human has a safe range of temperatures within which the body will gradually approach ideal core temperature (rate is about 15 degrees

  • Thermoregulation

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    Hey Folks! Treading water here with illness. Symptoms are kind of holding at the mild onset stage, which could be a good sign that my body's fending it off. Or, you know, I'm in for a doozy :)

    I got the body temperature code hooked up today, along with some stats for the standard human, medium-weight clothes, and an EVA suit. Pretty much all copied exactly from NEO Scavenger.

  • Clothes and Body Temperature

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    Hey Folks! Hope everyone had a good weekend. Unfortunately, some sickness going around the household here, and I may be next in line. Hopefully that won't be.

    Back in the space prototype, I've continued the slot work from last week. This time, the focus was on clothing. I had three sets of clothes used on my old crew, so those body part sprites were already done. And last week

  • EVA Helmet

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    Hey Folks! Helmet is now working, and was a pretty good test case for more "active" equipment to come.

    I decided to make a simple equip/unequip process for now, and expand it later as-needed. So when the player wants to equip something, they right-click it and choose "equip." This does the usual pathfinding thing if needed to the item selected, then instead of adding

  • Take Your Protein Pills and Put Your Helmet On

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    Well, we don't have any protein pills yet, but the helmet's getting there!

    Today was all about the equipment system, and getting the game to handle equipping items into specific slots. I added some new features to items to define how they should affect a condition owner (CO) when installed in a slot. And to complete that system, a feature on COs that defines which slots they

  • Underwear!

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    Hey Folks! Making headway on the character clothes and appearance today.

    As you can see in the screenshot, we now have underwear! And skin tone/hair color now matches face appearance, including when reloaded from a save file. So now the character's top-down appearance has some semblance of permanence. Which is a big step towards following what your crew is doing, since you can now

  • Drill and EVA Suit

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    Hey Folks! Work continued today on tools for the crew, adding the handheld drill and beginnings of an EVA suit.

    The drill was pretty quick to knock-out, as I was able to reuse a lot of the effort from the laser torch setup yesterday. It's the blue tool with LEDs next to the laser torch, near the bottom of today's screenshot. Neither has in-game functions yet, but they are