• Cutting Crew

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    Hey Folks! Still hard at work on the teaser. Joshua sent me a preview today, and it's really rekindling my enthusiasm for the game. And the goal now is to keep the footage coming so he isn't waiting.

    Today's work focused on crew shots. There's a scene where a crew member explores a dark derelict in their orange suit, headlamp cutting into the darkness. I also cobbled

  • Reactor Online, Bug-Fixing, and Capturing Footage

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    Hey Folks! I did a bit of work over the weekend, and the reactor is now fully operational. Or, at least, looks convincing enough for video.

    All of the readings you see in today's screenshot are approximately realistic for "ignition" mode. 6 partially charged batteries are linked to the reactor and UI via the PWR BUS knob, where they can power the indicators and various

  • Reactor Control Layout Nearly Done

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    Hey Folks! Back at the office today after a nice break. It felt good to not be following social media for a while. I think it revealed how stressful things like Twitter can be without me realizing it. And it's giving me some food for thought on how I consume content in the future. Not sure how well I can operate a business like this without social channels, but maybe I need to start

  • Reactor Control Implementation, and OOO

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    Hey Folks! Work continues on the reactor controls, implementing the layout and artwork I created into working Unity UIs.

    Today's screenshot features the upper bank of controls seen in the example layout I posted a few days ago. This is the UI as seen in the game, with random values pumped into the various LED indicators. Progress was slightly slower than anticipated, due to a few

  • Widget Art Done, Adding to Unity Now

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    Hey Folks! I've got just about all the Photoshopping I need done now for the reactor UI, and I'm beginning work on implementing it in Unity.

    There were a few more UI elements I needed before work in Unity could begin, and they mostly involved light-up and interactive pieces. In today's screenshot, you can see most of the elements all together. From left to right, they

  • Reactor UI Elements

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    Hey Folks! Back at work for a few days, so I'm continuing work on the fusion control panel.

    When I last left off, I had mostly figured out a layout I'm happy with. It has most of the bare-bones info and controls one would need to start and control a fusion reaction, though it should probably get fleshed-out a bit at some point. Fortunately, there's still room for some

  • Powering-Up, and OOO Until Wednesday

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    Hey Folks! Fusion reactor control panel is shaping-up, and I've got a first draft that I'm fairly happy with.

    While a little more effort went into research today as questions came up, most of the effort went into problem-solving the layout. I started by making sure all of the gauges and controls I expected were there, then ran through the pre-flight checklist to make sure each

  • Reactor Control

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    Hey Folks! I started on the reactor control UI today, splitting time fairly evenly between research and layout. The fire-up sequence is one of the more important parts of the upcoming teaser, not to mention one of this game's design goals: satisfying and meaningful pilot controls.

    Players should feel like they're Wash, powering-up the ship for a full burn, flipping switches

  • Mr. Fixit

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    Hey Folks! Busy day today, as I shored-up the spark vfx and integrated it with repair actions in-game.

    Early in the day, I finished tweaking the spark vfx to use the correct lens flare sprite, increased spark speed, and disabled collisions. The collisions were causing problems any time the AI was too close or turned in such a way that the vfx intersected a nearby object. And for how

  • Sparks Fly and Crew Sits

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    Hey Folks! Made some decent progress today on some visual features which should help in the upcoming teaser.

    First, I finished getting crew to sit correctly in ship equipment like toilets and nav stations. I ended up adding a new field to objects to store the current idle animation name, and allowed interactions to change that. This way, when the crew is awaiting a response from