• Equipment Control Overrides

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    Hey Folks! Today was a bit of everything as I pulled Michael's pathfinding changes in, added some features to ship equipment, and gave some feedback to Sabina on the concept art.

    Michael's pathfinding is now part of the main branch, and seems to do just about everything it should. And faster, to boot! Currently, there are only two bugs I've found. First, ranged

  • Tear Down These Walls

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    ...and put them up again!

    Michael's got the wall uninstall/reinstall feature working, so it's now possible to tear down a wall and put it up elsewhere. He's going to do the same for floor tiles next. And once done, that's a good chunk of the way towards getting a derelict fixed-up, as it'll allow players to seal-off areas of the ship that have holes in the walls

  • Refactoring, Art, and Taxes

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    Hey Folks! Sorry for the missing news yesterday. I ran long with some tax work and getting feedback to contractors, and as my usual news-writing window blew by, I figured I'd just catch-up today.

    I've had a few false starts with refactoring the UI system to accommodate this manual on/off switching for reactors and other equipment. First, I was refactoring mode switching to

  • Mode Switching Revisited

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    Hey Folks! Spent most of the day looking into mode switching on items, as the current problem of switching items on and off involves that system.

    Up until now, I've been handling an object's mode switch by making a new object for the new mode, removing the old item from the ship, and adding the new one in its place. For the most part, this just works. Air pumps, alarms, and

  • Half Day, and Admin Work

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    Hey Folks! Short post today, as I was taking care of the little one for part of the day, and the rest was admin stuff.

    Michael appears to be making good progress on the pathfinding optimizations. Typical short range calcs are sub-millisecond times, and even cross-ship paths only take 8ms. Compare that to visible hitches with *any* pathfinding attempt when on larger ships...should be a

  • Power Subsystems

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    Hey Folks! Working on the power subsystems today, and aiming to make it possible to manually switch reactors and batteries on/off the grid.

    It had been a while since I worked on power systems. And as they are now, they basically power-on as soon as they can, and power-off if they lack the necessary inputs. There's no way to manually turn them on or off. In the case of a derelict,

  • Installing Works Again

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    Hey Folks! After a morning of wrangling, the install/uninstall interactions are working again. Michael's digging into pathfinding optimizations. And I'm digging into an inbox mountain.

    Yesterday's hunch was right about the timer syncing, and doing that was enough to get uninstalling up and running again. I had to remove a minor optimization I added that skips updating if

  • Pathfinding and Timer Fixes, and Getting Salvage Working

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    Hey Folks! Hope everyone had a good weekend. Spent a lot of time with the fam this weekend, and had some nice outings and meals. It was a good break.

    Back at the office, I tried to hit the code a bit harder today. And shirked a few of my PR duties in the process. "Get a derelict running again, 100% in-game" is feeling better and better as a foundation for everything else. So

  • Save/Load Stability, Timing Mismatches, and Admin Work

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    Hey Folks! Bit of a slower day today, as there was a bunch of non-dev work later in the day. I did manage to fix a couple things, though. And I may finally have someone to help with development!

    The save/load system revealed a bug today, as my AI sitting on the toilet was perpetually stuck after loading the save game. It appears their action timer expired a few milliseconds before the

  • Tickers Ticking, Optimizations Continue

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    Hey Folks! Better dev day, today. I managed to solve yesterday's bug in a matter of minutes this morning. Sometimes walking away for a bit really does help!

    Turns out the problem I was having was a bad timer calculation. I was decrementing the head ticker by the wrong variable each frame. Instead of the amount of time since the last frame, it was the amount of time since the last