• Lighting Tweak, Bug Fixes, and Work On New System Map

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    Hi Folks! Made a few useful changes and fixes today, as well as started a look into an improved nav station.

    One of the first tasks on my list was to fix item placement when doing manual installation. There was a bug in the layout code that allowed me to place walls and floors anywhere I wanted when on a docked ship, even on top of existing walls and floors. It turns out this was a

  • Rendering Fixes, Performance, and More Playtesting

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    Hey Folks! A fair amount of progress today, as I continued playtesting, and solving rendering/performance issues, many of which have been around a while.

    The day's first fix was the ambient light button in ship editing mode. Now that I have a better handle on camera culling masks, I was able to adjust the scene's objects to render even in shadowed areas, which solved the

  • Building Jobs, Zone Overlays, and Playtesting

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    Hey Folks! A pretty productive day today. Including a playtesting session!

    First order of business was to get my rendering fix branch merged with Michael's build queue branch. The merge was pretty smooth, and I was able to fire it up without any issues.

    Once in the chargen station, I started using the F hotkey to designate walls for removal. Lo and behold, the AI took the

  • Text and Selection Overlay Fixes, Build Queues

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    Hey Folks! Hope everyone had a good weekend. We did a fair amount of outdoor stuff here, on account of the nicer weather. It was nice to start enjoying the yard again, and I can't wait for sunshine and warmth to become the norm for a while.

    I resumed work on the stacking bugs today, and I think I've finally got those sorted out now. There were some bookkeeping issues in cases

  • Droppin' Stacks

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    Hey Folks! Unfortunately, the fat stacks we are dropping today are not fat stacks of cash, but rather Trenchers-brand Kung Pao Chicken.

    The next task on my list was to fix whatever was wrong with dropping items from crew inventory. And thankfully, that wasn't too hard. It turns out the food was looking for nearby other food items to stack on, and decided to stack on other food in

  • Power Upgrades Done, Retrofitting Layouts

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    Hey Folks! I've finally got the power system upgrades to a point where they're more generally usable, and I'm starting to look at some item rendering bugs.

    The power system needed a few more fixes before I could use it elsewhere in the game. One of the more significant changes was to make interactions more robust by having them store participants by ID instead of by

  • New Concept Art, Power Grids, and Repairs

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    Hey Folks!

    We've been busy over at Blue Bottle Games since the Ostranauts teaser launch, and I wanted to share some of the highlights from the past month.

    So what's new?

    Well, if you have a minute, I've cut a video to walk through some of the more interesting changes:

    New Concept Art, Power Grids, and Repairs

    In the video, I show off the latest

  • Video and Newsletter Incoming

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    Hey Folks! Getting ready to upload a new video, as well as send out a newsletter to recap the work since launch. There's been a flurry of work in the past month, and it can sometimes help to see it all in once place. I had hoped to be ready with it today, but it's taking a bit longer to cut. Hopefully tomorrow!

    In other news, I started testing the new 3x3 red reactor with

  • Reactor Basic Controls Online

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    Hey Folks! Hope everyone had a good weekend. Lots of yard work for us, as the warmer weather blows in.

    Back the office, the reactor is mostly doing what it should now. Able to switch off, battery mode, ignition mode, and charge mode. I has some minor glitches in the UI when switching modes, but overall, does what it should. I'd like to shore that up a bit more, but I might be able

  • Reactor Progress, and Context Menus!

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    Hey Folks! Quite a bit to show off today, as both the reactor and context menu made significant strides.

    On the reactor task, I've not got it correctly switching between "off" and "battery" modes. When the reactor is off, batteries on the input side are segregated from the reactor's output, which means the whole ship can be shut down through the reactor.