• IMB Entry Done, Bug Fixing

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    Hey Folks! Finally finished my Indie MegaBooth entry today. Took most of the day wrapping-up the video, checking the build for bugs, fixing the bugs, checking it again, and then writing a massive ReadMe.txt in case anyone gets lost...I really worry about what someone is going to think if they pop this build open and get lost. There's just so much going on.

    It got me thinking,

  • IndieMegaBooth Entry, and Some Usability Work

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    Hey Folks! Mostly non-dev stuff today, as I get ready to submit an application for the IndieMegaBooth at PAX West. There's a whole whack of stuff needed for the application, which includes a build and a 3-minute raw gameplay video. So most of my day was spent putting that together.

    Unsurprisingly, it's turning into quite a challenge to pack everything about Ostranauts into a 3

  • Ostranauts - Salvage, Trade, and New Concept Art

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    Hey Folks!

    A bit overdue for another video, so I put together some more footage of the latest stuff we've been working on for Ostranauts.

    So what's new?

    A fair bit! More art, salvaging, trading, and other features:

    Salvage, Trade, and New Concept Art

    In this video, we take a look at new concept art for the Newcal aerostat on Venus, salvaging a derelict,

  • Lighting Bug Fix and Video Prep

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    Hi Folks! Hope everyone had a good weekend. The usual yardwork for us, including a very stinky compost transport run in the car. Fortunately, we had a nice afternoon of games with some friends to relax a bit.

    At the office, it was a little bit of coding, admin, and prep for a new progress video.

    Once a few housekeeping tasks were done, I worked on a lighting bug that's been

  • Stacks, Trading, and Other Fixes

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    Hey Folks! Shorter day today, as I had to run into town for a meeting. I did manage to square away the issues with trading and stacks, though. Plus a few other fixes.

    First order of business today was to get the trading UI to actually do something when the player hits "Submit." I guess I wrote all the code for that at some point, but forgot to hook it up. So that didn't

  • Item Stacks, Inventory, and Trading

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    Hey Folks! Late start today due to some site maintenance stuff, but still managed to get a fair amount of inventory and item stuff fixed.

    Early in the day, a reported spam post alerted me to a handful of users that slipped through the net. I ended up trawling through the logs to make sure I caught them all. Thanks to all who reported the spam!

    Once that was done, I resumed work

  • Organizations, Ledgers, and More Bug Fixing

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    Hey Folks! Another raft of fixes and features today, mostly centered around in-game organizations and docking.

    When I finished yesterday, I was getting the docking fees to save correctly. And upon fixing that, I noticed the name of the Payee in each line item was still a "?" It turns out, I was telling the game that K-Leg station (OKLG) billed the player, but it was just a

  • Save/Load Fixes, Finance, and Trading

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    Hey Folks! Much more productive day today, though the work was largely fixing bugs. So not exciting to look at.

    The day started with a test run where I dock with a derelict, and instead of retrofitting it, I decided to try and loot its contents. Take the spare space suits, clothing, food, hull patches, and scrap materials I could find, then see if I could pawn them off at K-Leg.

  • Concept Art Sneak Peek, and Procedural Drama

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    Hi Folks! Hope everyone enjoyed their weekend. More exhausting painting here on Saturday, but yesterday was gorgeous, and our yard has reached peak flowers. Oh, and we had a yummy pizza as a reward for the hard work!

    Back at the office, it was more of an email and documentation day today. So that seems like a good time to pull out a little something I've been sitting on for a rainy

  • Orbit Plotter UX

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    Hey Folks! My apologies for the lack of devlog posts yesterday. I was chatting with Michael over Skype at the end of the day, and we carried away talking about AI drama :)

    The orbital plotter has been receiving a lot of love over the past couple of days. Now that there is RCS thruster control for short range maneuvers, the plotter was starting to show its limits, and was really clunky