• Salvage Pod, Uninstall Scatter, and Usability Fixes

    Hey Folks! A few new additions today, plus a bunch of clean-up, fixing, and streamlining.

    First on the list was to remove orphaned placeholders when the person installing them changed their mind. Previously, ghost items would just be left wherever if the AI got interrupted, but now those ghost items are cleaned-up. I also noticed that installing items on dark ships was hard due to using

  • Installing Works, Old Part Cleanup, Airlock Fixes

    Hey Folks! Pretty productive day, today. I managed to get part installation working, as well as some fixes and cleanup done.

    It turns out I was actually pretty close to a working system yesterday. I just needed two things.

    First, I needed to make sure the installation interaction kept track of the old vs. new installed item correctly. Second, I added a new field to interactions

  • Installing Equipment Without Debug Commands

    Hey Folks! After getting uninstallation working yesterday, I'm trying to add the reverse today: installing equipment.

    A little over a month ago, I was able to get equipment to reinstall elsewhere on the ship by using a debug command. As long as only one crew member was selected, and the cursor was over a valid item, I could press a hotkey to re-place it elsewhere on the ship. It

  • Uninstalling Equipment

    Hey Folks! Hope everyone had a good weekend. Typical autumn yard work and prepping the house for cold weather here. Which always puts me in the mood for virtual snow and fantasy games, so I fired-up Skyrim yesterday. Every time I play it I wish the mechanics were pushed a bit harder, with bigger game effects. Maybe some day when I have billions to invest in my own version :)

    Back in

  • Loot Spawning

    Hey Folks! I managed to get loot spawning working today. It required a few more features to be useful, but we're one step closer to a salvage loop!

    After some testing, I decided the loot spawning UI needed some additional fields. So now you can not only specify the loot to be spawned, and the radius, but also how many times to try and spawn that loot, and whether it applies to new

  • Spawning Loot

    Hey Folks! I decided to try tackling loot spawning today. Since converting an installed part into loot for carrying would require spawning portable items anyway, that seemed like a logical stepping stone.

    First, I had to figure out how to define the rules for spawning loot. It seemed like the easiest approach would be to choose the loot data to spawn, and designate an area in which to

  • Tooltips, Head Lamps, and Voids

    Hey Folks! I tackled a mix of things today, ranging from UI, to gameplay, to simulation.

    One of the things I've been meaning to do was add NEO-Scavenger-like tooltips to the game, so I could see more info about the item under the cursor. A lot of this was on-screen in some plain text, but got covered-up when UI was displayed like the player info or editor part selection. Now, the

  • Spooky Derelicts! And Systems Hardening

    Hey Folks! A pretty productive day today, as I finished up power improvements, hardened some game systems, and fixed several bugs. Plus, a spooky lighting change!

    I'll start with the lighting, since that's the most visual change. Basically, I turned off the ambient lighting in the game, just to see. And it's an interesting change that definitely makes derelicts more

  • Power Overlay

    Hey Folks! Hope everyone had a good weekend. Not much noteworthy to report here, though the Steam Halloween sale has started, so if you're somehow reading this and still don't own the game, it's 75% off!

    Back at the office, I added some power overlay stuff today to help me debug the ship damage issues I saw last week. It seemed like conduits that were removed didn't

  • Ship Pre-Cooking, Cooler Tweaks

    Hey Folks! Worked on derelicts and ship pre-cooking today, as well as some tweaks to the cooler from yesterday.

    The cooler tweak was just something that occurred to me this morning. I realized I could "reverse the polarity" so-to-speak, and get it to cool faster, more on par with the heater's rate of heating. I was originally trying to "heat" a room down to 200K