• That'll Buff Out

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    Hey Folks! Mostly a dev day today, though I did need to get a few important emails out.

    I continued work on the tasking system from yesterday, this time trying to get automatic task generation setup. So far, we've generated new tasks whenever items of a certain type were added to or removed from the ship. This works if you explicitly define a listener for each named item type, but

  • Tasks and Duties, Social Combat, and Item Audio

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    Hey Folks! A bit more team management today, but also some time for development. And a fair bit of progress on all fronts!

    Michael pushed some changes that effectively make drafting possible via Social Combat. The words spoken in the UI are mostly placeholder, but we can see the "draft" objective in the UI, demand it, and the AI begins accepting direct orders! He also setup a

  • Ostranauts Team Assemble!

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    Hey Folks! Hope everyone had a good weekend. Ours was a bit exhausting, as we acclimated to one parent not having a lot of mobility. We did get to see some friends, though, which is always nice!

    Back at the office, I basically spent the day emailing developers and artists. Which was weird. I've never been in a position before where I had more than one or two contractors working at

  • Jobs, Tasks, Roles, and Work

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    Hey Folks! I managed to wrap-up the interactive career events today, fixing the last of the edge cases I could find. It still lacks much more than a few test bits of content and a handful of one-shot/non-interactive events. But the proof of concept is there, and ready for content insertion when the time comes.

    The next biggest priority on my list is crew work. Or tasks. Or roles. Or

  • Admin Day Today, Plus Hospital Yesterday

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    Hey Folks! Sorry for the second lapse in news this week. We had to visit the hospital yesterday to look at an injured knee, and we've been slowly getting back on our feet (both figuratively and literally). Everyone's safe, thankfully, and the injury might be mending faster than expected. So our fingers are crossed this was just a minor bump.

    Unsurprisingly, I didn't get

  • Interactive Career History, and Administrivia

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    Hey Folks! Sorry for the lapse in news yesterday. I had a call run long, and then had to run for family stuff.

    And today almost slipped, as well! Some errands late in the day, combined with some stuff I wanted to send out to unblock folks, meant I had to scramble at the last minute.

    That said, I actually got a lot done this morning, and a fair bit yesterday. The screenshot today

  • Social Combat Progress, and Contract Stuff

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    Hey Folks! I'm sort of bogged-down with contracts and agreement stuff today, so I'll take some time to show-off more of Michael's latest stuff: Social Combat!

    Today's screenshot shows a few milestones along the path of a conversation between Captain Alyssa and Crew Eric. We start with the view of the ship and participants at the top of the screen, and I slice

  • Auto-Tile: Activate!

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    Hey Folks! Tremendously productive day today, which is a big relief. Between vacation, family illness, and banging my head against some awkward shader math, I was really starting to stress out. However, I was able to check-in a bunch of stuff which was a welcome boost!

    First of all, shader math. It turns out the lighting issue I was struggling with was mainly due to a units mismatch.

  • More Walls, Rendering Bug, and Sick Family

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    Hey Folks! Slower day today, as I discovered a rendering bug while working on auto-tiled walls. Also, with the family feeling sick today, I had to duck out frequently to help.

    After a bit of email and admin stuff, I was back on my wall sprite rework, updating the complete wall sprite sheet's normal map. I fired-up the engine to see how it looked, and it wasn't too bad! But

  • Catching-Up, and Some Wall Experiments

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    Hi Folks! Hope everyone had a good week. I'm in the process of catching-up on the backlog of emails and office-related stuff that piled-up. And I'm nearing the top! (I think.)

    What little dev work I did today centered on the auto-tiling feature. Namely, walls and floors.

    Last week, I got the conduits mostly behaving as I wanted, and I'm pretty happy with how those