• Wrap-Up and Testing

    Hey Folks! Hope everyone had a good weekend. Ours was quite packed with action, from digging and lugging gravel around, to visiting culture fairs at the park. We were pretty exhausted by the end!

    Back at the office, I am happy to report that I have finished the last of the items on my to-do list. All the bugs I know of have been solved, and the improvements I wanted to make (but were

  • Bugs at the Bottom of the Barrel

    Hey Folks! Another good day, today, as I managed to tackle a few trickier bugs, and narrow the open bug list to a few stragglers.

    Yesterday's audio bug was eventually solved, but not before giving me a real bull ride. Music, and occasionally sound effects, were ignoring my volume settings. I thought I had it licked at first when I realized that I wasn't setting the SFX's

  • Help Screen, Audio, and AA

    Hey Folks! Bit of a slog today, wading through some minor (yet difficult) fixes involving the help screen, audio, and graphics.

    The help screen was more tedious than challenging, and mainly involved restoring the mouse-based tips to replace the touchscreen ones. A lot of that could just be reused, but it needed some tweaking, and each of the UIs needed the tips rearranged to fit.

  • First Playtest Results: 1 Major, Several Minor Issues

    Hey Folks! I finished my first playtest of the new desktop release build this morning. And for the most part, it went really well. I kept notes on some minor issues as they popped-up, and as I approached about 1.5 hours, I focused on getting into the DMC. And that's where I hit a snag.

    It appears none of the DMC location buttons appear on the map for some reason. I've been

  • Pretty Darned Close...

    Hey Folks! I'm happy to report that whatever sickness had me yesterday seems to be losing today. Feeling much better. Just had to roll around in pain, shivering and sweating for a few hours. Works every time! :)

    And to continue the good news, today was really productive. I mean really.

    For one thing, the game now has logging. To an actual log.txt file. Not only when loading

  • New Log File, No Legacy Save Support, and Partial Sick Day

    Hey Folks! Hope everyone had a good weekend. Ours was a good one, complete with a b-day party for the youngin', beautiful weather, and the SeaFair air show practically on top of our house. F-18 fly-bys are hella loud if you're trying to do something in the house, but a lot cooler if you're outside watching them.

    I'm afraid I have some bad news for the new NEO

  • Major Porting Done, Now the Details

    Hey Folks! I think(?) all of the major porting tasks are complete as of now. And what's left are a loose collection of non-gameplay stuff. We could be getting close!

    A good chunk of today's work was getting the remaining UI stuff sorted out in each UI mode. The battle screen required some fixing in most non-Small UI modes. Odd positions and scaling for sprites. Stuff like that

  • DMC Map and Website, and Release Mode

    Hey Folks! Today didn't feel very productive, even if a few tricky things got solved. I think the good news is that I can safely move on to new stuff tomorrow.

    The website is once again working, except now with shiny new SSL (https instead of http). For those of you using Chrome and some other browsers, you should now see 100% fewer "this site is not secure" (t)error

  • Website Upgrade, Creature Offsets, and DMC Map

    Hey Folks! Bit of a slow day today, and I'm left feeling a bit bummed at the limited progress.

    I was actually able to fix that creature offset bug from last night right after posting the devlog. It turns out I could fix the issue by adjusting the creature positions "a little while after" the resolution change. The annoying thing is, "a little while after"

  • Creature Sprites vs. Map Position

    Hey Folks! Back on the NEO Scavenger port today. And it was a bit of a slow day, as I'm still stuck on maps.

    Today's image pretty succinctly shows the problem: when the game changes resolution, creatures get offset from where they should be. The camera for the map is changing scroll values during resolution swap, and I have code to redraw the creatures based on their current