• OSX/Linux...Yay?

    Hey Folks! I think we may be, dare I say it, done? As of about 3pm today, I was able to compile and run NEO Scavenger Haxe edition on all three platforms without crashes!

    90% of my day was spent futilely poking the code and flailing about, rebuilding the entire dll and game projects each time, hoping to see the needle move even a little. I even got down and dirty into some byte

  • OSX/Linux...Ugh

    I thought I was this close today (fingers very close together). I messed around with ByteArray conversion to Bytes, big and little endian, compressed and non-compressed...and finally got it working!

    On Windows.

    In the end, I just had to ensure my ByteArray was parsed, byte-by-byte into a Bytes class, and fed to the OGG parser. That, and I had an error in my sound filenames that

  • OSX and Linux Builds Now "Work"

    Hey Folks! Another slog of a day, as I worked on getting the Linux build running.

    Most of the morning was spent in a mode similar to my OSX day: chasing phantom errors in the build process which were not really the issue. I couldn't build the game because the lime compile was missing a header file. Chasing down that header file got me further, but then I was missing some Linux libs

  • OSX and Linux Builds

    Hey Folks! Tried tackling the OSX and Linux builds today, and let me tell you, I sure didn't enjoy that. Still struggling a bit, in fact.

    As mentioned yesterday, I got stuff setup on my MacBook to try and build the new desktop app there. And it almost works. The thing is, it throws a bunch of warnings and errors in the console, and hard crashes the moment I click anything. And the

  • Windows Done, Testing Mac

    Hey Folks! Hope everyone enjoyed their weekend. Ours was packed full of...well, everything. Eating, yard work, hosting guests, visiting festivals. A lot of fun, but man, we're exhausted.

    Back at work, I resumed putting the finishing touches on the Windows build. A few extra log messages to help users with debugging, a custom desktop message file from which to get news when the game

  • Looping Music

    Hey Folks! Not a lot of progress today, unfortunately. I spent the entire day debugging a music looping issue, and in the end, had to hack my way around it.

    The problem happens when the looping wilderness music reaches the end of the track, and instead of restarting, just stops. This is a fairly rare occurrence in the game, since there is only a chance any track is going to be the

  • Software, Camps, and Music

    Hey Folks! Reasonable progress today on the remaining known issues: software item sprites, camp effects redundancy, and sound cut-off.

    The software issue turned out to require undoing some of the fixes I tried the other day. That means making the default software rendering value "revealed," so non-hardware items like USB can display them correctly. And as it turns out,

  • Testing, Lag Fix, and Software

    Hey Folks! Slightly more productive today, as I started with a playtest, then moved on to fixing a few bugs.

    My Release mode playtest went well for a little while, playing through some DMC encounters (complete with working map now!), then, moving back out into the wasteland for more scavenging. However, before too long, I started to notice that lag when opening any inventory screen

  • Field Trip

    Hey Folks! Not a lot of progress today, as most of the day was consumed on a field trip to Valve's offices. They hosted another developer lunch, wherein they solicited feedback on their developer tools, the Steam store, launching games, etc. It was nice to get out and talk face-to-face with some other devs for a while. Not to mention educational, as we chatted about things like

  • Wrap-Up and Testing

    Hey Folks! Hope everyone had a good weekend. Ours was quite packed with action, from digging and lugging gravel around, to visiting culture fairs at the park. We were pretty exhausted by the end!

    Back at the office, I am happy to report that I have finished the last of the items on my to-do list. All the bugs I know of have been solved, and the improvements I wanted to make (but were