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  • Item Stacks, Inventory, and Trading

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    Hey Folks! Late start today due to some site maintenance stuff, but still managed to get a fair amount of inventory and item stuff fixed.

    Early in the day, a reported spam post alerted me to a handful of users that slipped through the net. I ended up trawling through the logs to make sure I caught them all. Thanks to all who reported the spam!

  • Organizations, Ledgers, and More Bug Fixing

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    Hey Folks! Another raft of fixes and features today, mostly centered around in-game organizations and docking.

    When I finished yesterday, I was getting the docking fees to save correctly. And upon fixing that, I noticed the name of the Payee in each line item was still a "?" It turns out, I was telling the game that K-Leg station (OKLG) billed the player, but it was just a made-up name. No such person exists in the game. There is a station by that name, but stations are more layout and container stuff, not entities to trade with and owe money to.

  • Save/Load Fixes, Finance, and Trading

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    Hey Folks! Much more productive day today, though the work was largely fixing bugs. So not exciting to look at.

    The day started with a test run where I dock with a derelict, and instead of retrofitting it, I decided to try and loot its contents. Take the spare space suits, clothing, food, hull patches, and scrap materials I could find, then see if I could pawn them off at K-Leg.

  • Concept Art Sneak Peek, and Procedural Drama

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    Hi Folks! Hope everyone enjoyed their weekend. More exhausting painting here on Saturday, but yesterday was gorgeous, and our yard has reached peak flowers. Oh, and we had a yummy pizza as a reward for the hard work!

    Back at the office, it was more of an email and documentation day today. So that seems like a good time to pull out a little something I've been sitting on for a rainy day: concept art!

  • Orbit Plotter UX

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    Hey Folks! My apologies for the lack of devlog posts yesterday. I was chatting with Michael over Skype at the end of the day, and we carried away talking about AI drama :)

  • Timer Fixes, and Course Plotting Features

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    Hey Folks! Spent a pretty good chunk of today revamping the timer code to fix a bug, and then started on some course plotting enhancements. Plus a quick triage.

    The timer code bug was pretty much as expected. I was tracking time on generic tickers by subtracting time left per-frame, based on the previous frame's time. However, this seemed to produce sync issues occasionally, which compounded as things progressed. And in the case of breathing, the oxygen deficit would increase at a different rate than breathing would decrease it.

  • Gas Fixes and Integrating Job System

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    Hey Folks! A bit more work on the gas exchange issues today, finding a bug in breathing, and integrating Michael's job system progress.

    The gas exchange system had one more issue to resolve, and that was the way it calculated partial pressures. I was mistakenly erasing the partial pressure data, thinking the gas exchange equations would restore them with correct values in time later. However, it appears even this small gap allowed for weirdness in sensors to crop up (the sensor occasionally sampled the air during that zero partial pressure moment).

  • Gas Dynamics Optimizations, Concept Art Done

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    Hey Folks! Hope everyone had a good weekend. Ours was pretty busy, though not terribly exciting. Usual family/house stuff.

    Back at work, I had a bunch of admin stuff to take care of, then I was off to fix the gas dynamics performance. Last week, I noticed a big chunk of the framerate drop in complex scenes was due to gas dynamics. Specifically, the gas exchanges between rooms were being wasteful with redundant calculations and memory allocations.

  • Transponder Range In, RCS Thoughts, and Gas Sim Slow-Downs

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    Hey Folks! Our 2-day vacation was a big success. Not a single computer screen for the duration. Fresh sea air, mountain hikes, good food...really nourishing stuff. I should probably do that more than once or twice a year :)

  • Scanners, Local Derelicts, Plotter Precision, and OOO

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    Hey Folks! Some pretty significant improvements to the plotter today, plus derelict spawning fixes, and scanner research. And a heads-up that I'll be OOO tomorrow and Thursday.

  • Orbit Plotting Faster, K-Leg Boneyard

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    Hey Folks! Hope everyone had a good weekend. We went to the zoo one day, and painted ceilings another. Plus we gorged ourselves on pho, which I think did wonders for our recouperation. Not a bad weekend at all!

  • RCS Mode Improvements, Concept Art Progress

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    Hey Folks! Aspredicted, family sickness has spread to me, and I'm running a bit ragged today. Still managed to get some work done, though, despite the head fog.

  • RCS Controls, and Partial Family Sick Day

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    Hey Folks! Another short dev day today, I'm afraid. Family still a bit sick, so I spent some time with the toddler to give mom a break. Mom's getting a bit better, thankfully. But I have a feeling my turn is coming...

    Anyway, I did manage to get a fair amount done on RCS thruster controls. Today's screenshot shows a few new UI widgets to help. Namely, the NAV MODE toggle, which switches the display from the old mode (PAN, in which WASD moves the cursor around ), and the new RCS mode (where WASD and QE control maneuver jets).

  • Build Jobs, RCS Thrusters

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    Hey Folks! Early devlog today, as the family's a bit under the weather, and needs some TLC.

    I was able to grab a copy of Michael's latest work, which you can see in today's screenshot: the build queue. He's been working on a way to assign jobs anonymously on a ship, and the AI would pull jobs from that list when able.

  • Planetary Retrofit

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    Hey Folks! Making pretty good progress with the orbital plotting UI.

    After a bit of hemming and hawing, I decided to retrofit the old UI rather than remake it. I was starting to run into issues in the new version by trying to mix mesh sprites with canvas drawing, which was mainly to try and speed-up rendering.

    However, there are some tricks I can use to speed-up an all-canvas rendering approach, too, and those seem to be working. And the coordinate system simplifications I made in the new version weren't too hard to back-port to the old one.

  • Planetary Precision

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    Hey Folks! Hope everyone had a good weekend. It was beautiful out here, and we accordingly spent a good amount of time outdoors. Some brush clearing, some playing with the toddler, and a nice afternoon sit with some drinks. And it's having a pronounced effect on my mood, so I think there was definitely some seasonal affective disorder going on. Time to start walking more!

    Back at the office, progress came in a few bursts today, but it was good progress. I finally figured out why my rendering was so jittery: the precision upgrades from my last attempt weren't complete.

  • Nav Rendering

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    Hey Folks! Still looking into an alternate nav console rendering technique, and it's starting to come together. What's more, it also seems easier to manipulate. So far, anyway.

  • Lighting Tweak, Bug Fixes, and Work On New System Map

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    Hi Folks! Made a few useful changes and fixes today, as well as started a look into an improved nav station.

    One of the first tasks on my list was to fix item placement when doing manual installation. There was a bug in the layout code that allowed me to place walls and floors anywhere I wanted when on a docked ship, even on top of existing walls and floors. It turns out this was a really simple fix, and I just had to update my ancient item-fitting code to use a more recent "get tile below this point" feature, which accounted for docked ships.

  • Rendering Fixes, Performance, and More Playtesting

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    Hey Folks! A fair amount of progress today, as I continued playtesting, and solving rendering/performance issues, many of which have been around a while.

  • Building Jobs, Zone Overlays, and Playtesting

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    Hey Folks! A pretty productive day today. Including a playtesting session!

    First order of business was to get my rendering fix branch merged with Michael's build queue branch. The merge was pretty smooth, and I was able to fire it up without any issues.

    Once in the chargen station, I started using the F hotkey to designate walls for removal. Lo and behold, the AI took the hint and did so! I could even spawn the OKLG station with 6 crew walking around, and multiple crew would go to the bank of walls, each working away at a wall removal task. Cool!