May 2019

  • IMB Entry Done, Bug Fixing

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    Hey Folks! Finally finished my Indie MegaBooth entry today. Took most of the day wrapping-up the video, checking the build for bugs, fixing the bugs, checking it again, and then writing a massive ReadMe.txt in case anyone gets lost...I really worry about what someone is going to think if they pop this build open and get lost. There's just so much going on.

  • IndieMegaBooth Entry, and Some Usability Work

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    Hey Folks! Mostly non-dev stuff today, as I get ready to submit an application for the IndieMegaBooth at PAX West. There's a whole whack of stuff needed for the application, which includes a build and a 3-minute raw gameplay video. So most of my day was spent putting that together.

    Unsurprisingly, it's turning into quite a challenge to pack everything about Ostranauts into a 3-minute video. Especially without the usual trailer-editing tricks. My first few attempts to walk through everything naturally blew way past the 3 minute marker.