May 2019

  • More Clothing, Fixing Bad Data, Overlapping Crew

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    Hey Folks! I was initially trying to get things setup for recording a new video today, but ran into a few more problems that needed addressing first.

    As with the last video, I wanted to start with a large room full of crew mates, to show how much they've evolved visually since last time. (That room plus animations was a bit of a sore spot for some viewers.)

  • Maintenance Mode

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    Hey Folks! Another whack of fixes and data today to get the ailments further stabilized and accurate. I've got most of them in and running now without undue fatalities, plus some clicking and sensor bugs that crept in over the changes.

    But more exciting news awaits, so let's turn now to that!

  • I...Uh, Sorry About That, Tinah!

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    New stats...check.

    New loss and heal rates...check.

    New tickers...check.

    New threshold rules...check.

    New symptoms, ailments, and diseases...check.

    Okay, let's just fire-up the old engine here...oh. Oh no. We have some problems. Aaand she's simultaneously dead, oppressed, and anxiety eating kung pao chicken packets. Whoopsies!

  • Ailment Building Blocks Mostly Done

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    Hey Folks! Hope everyone had a good weekend. Some of the usual home maintenance stuff here, though we did do some fun shopping, dining, and park exploring. Almost bought a like-new, vintage Fiend Folio from a used book store, but couldn't justify the price. (Now, if it were one of the old TSR books I've since lost...)

  • My Old Friend, Cholera

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    Hey Folks! The long process of porting NEO Scavenger's medical simulation over to Ostranauts continues today, as I add the first dozen or so conditions and their logic.

  • Threshold Conditions Entered, Now for Symptoms

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    Hey Folks! Finally got the threshold conditions in for each of the 30ish stats. That means their names, descriptions, and IDs are all set, and they just need payloads defined. So that's where I'm going next.

    Most of the threshold conditions were just straight data entry, and copying the odd description from NEO Scavenger data. However, there were a couple of tweaks I made to my first drafts. Notably, satiety and radiation.

  • Drowning in Data

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    Hey Folks! Continuing with filling-in of missing data in the Ostranauts needs and thresholds system. And since there isn't much to look at yet, I figured a peek into the data notes might be interesting.

    On the left we have a snippet of the threshold data, which is denoting condition payloads to apply at various thresholds for each stat. In the middle, we have some relevant status conditions from NEO Scavenger, and how they map to existing stats in Ostranauts. And on the right, the spreadsheet I'm using to keep track of physiological stats for use in Ostranauts.

  • All the Feels

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    Hey Folks! Continuing work on AI needs, thresholds, and other related systems today. And as you can see, I may have introduced a bug. Sorry Andrella...

    In fact, it looks like a pretty minor glitch. I recently re-tooled the loot system to make it work with conditions a bit more smoothly, and in my haste to try it out, I caused all of the thresholds to apply their payloads all of the time, regardless of whether they were triggered. Should be just a matter of applying their amounts to the loot before applying the loot to the AI.

  • Preferences and Thresholds

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    Hey Folks! Hope everyone had a good weekend. More of the usual here, as we did some home maintenance stuff, and visited a street fair uptown.

    Back at the office, it was time to dive into the AI preferences and threshold changes I mentioned last week. It was a bit of a slog, as a fair amount of data needed rewriting, and some inevitable bugs from the refactor needed squashing.

  • AI Needs and Command

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    Hey Folks! After a short bug fix to restore ship damage, I started revisiting the AI needs system, and figuring out how to expand that. Also, how will that affect command?

    All of the AI has a set of needs right now, a lot like those found in NEO Scavenger. Some are physiological, like hunger, and others are emotional, like a sense of security. As the AI putzes around, these needs change. Some gradually increase with time. Some change with certain events or actions.

  • New Anims, Roles, and Drafting

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    Hey Folks! A bit of new animation today, Michael's plan for roles and jobs, and the ability to draft crew now working.

    Michael sent me his rough outline for crew roles, and I think it's sounding good! Some details are still up in the air, but the rough idea is that there are several roles on a crew, and each crew can be in zero or more roles at a time. And there can be more than one person per role.

  • Crew Control and Drafting

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    Hey Folks! Michael and I had a chance to talk today, and spec out some of what we can tackle next. And I did a bit of crew selection reworking during the rest of the day.

  • Portraits Revisited, and Community Group Admin

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    Hey Folks! Michael and I are still due for a chat, and I'd like to see how that goes before I decide on my next gameplay change. We both have some ideas to kick around, and it makes sense to coordinate.

    So in the meantime, I decided to look into portraits again to see if I could make them a bit more stable. I tried to tweak one of the expression anims a few weeks back, and noticed some issues. First, it was a real pain to nudge all the bones around in Unity, and hard to see what I was doing without saving and launching each nudge.

  • Crew Management Loop

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    Hey Folks! Hope everyone had a good weekend. We had company visiting, so most of our time was spent catching up and sight-seeing. And eating, of course.

    Back at the office, I had to apologize to Michael for missing some files in my last version control check-in. He unfortunately had to waste time figuring out what I missed. But he was able to, and at least we're getting back on track.

    And since most of my work was text-based today, I unfortunately don't have any screenshots to share. So instead, have this sneak peek into the next concept art!

  • Job's Done! And New Avatar, Too!

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    Hey Folks! Michael and I managed to finish each of our respective tasks this week, resulting in a fresh build on the server where we can queue jobs for AI, and see the new avatar in action!

    I boarded a derelict, and went out of the way in the back to cannibalize a bunch of floor tiles, conduits, and wall. And the AI just lined them up one after the other. As I waited for them to finish, I fast-forwarded 4x, and it was starting to feel like a game!

  • Avatar Upgrade Progress

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    Hey Folks! The new avatar is actually coming along pretty nicely. I did quite a bit of tweaking today, as well as further code integration, and it's almost ready for prime time.

    A good chunk of the work was redoing the UV maps on the mesh. The hack job I did was a decent placeholder, but there were a lot of seams and misaligned pixels as a result. And since I was trying to use a similar pixel density to the surrounding ship, those mismatches were much more apparent.

  • Get Up, Aaron. Job UI Progress. Also, Admin Stuff.

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    Hey Folks! Bit of a short update today, as a good chunk of it was spent on some business-y emails. But we do have a bit of progress to talk about!

    First of all, Aaron. Always lying down on the job. Ripe for some discipline, he is.

    Actually, that's the first screenshot I have of the new avatar mesh and animations in the game! He's currently standing in idle mode, but there's a bug that causes the avatar to be rotated 90 degrees. So he looks like he's stone cold fallen face-first into the floor.

  • Alternate Crew Mesh and Anims

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    Hey Folks! Decided to try something a bit different today: crew graphics.

    After posting a few videos, I've noticed a lot of folks get distracted by the crew graphics. I always figured I'd go back and refine them at some point, but sooner might be better than later if it's going to stick out like a sore thumb.

    So I spent a little overtime last night, plus the better part of today, to try an improved rig, mesh, and animation setup. I replaced the "sprite sandwich" mesh with a low-poly human mesh.

  • Job System, RCS Plotting, Reactor Batts, and Headlamp Fixes

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    Hey Folks! Hope everyone had a good weekend. Nice weather all around for us, plus some good meals and visiting friends. Still couldn't escape some yard/house work, but thankfully less strenuous than weeks past!

    Michael checked in his latest work on the job system today, plus I managed to fix a few trickier, long-standing issues involving RCS plots, reactor batteries, and headlamp shadows.

  • Save File Bloat, and UI Cleanup

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    Hey Folks! A bit more behind-the-scenes work today, and I tried to tackle bloat in the save file, and did some minor UI cleanup.

    Yesterday, while working on the IMB build, I noticed that my save file was 40MB. This is a plain text, json file, with over 1.3 million lines of text! As I was checking-in the file to version control, I thought to myself, "this is going to be a problem."