January 2019

  • Steam Page Submitted

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    Hey Folks! Short update today, as I'm still doing marketing materials. The Steam page is finally done, though, and I've submitted it for approval. Next up are the pages on this site. And then mailing list stuff.

    Probably some more out there that I'm forgetting, too. But we're getting there!

  • Bullet Points

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    Hey Folks! More marketing speak and bullet points today.

    I think I've got the short and long versions of the game description done for Steam now. Plus the full list of required images and screenshots. Still have the mailing list version to setup, plus the content types for this website. Then forums, channels, and all that.

    Launching involves quite a bit once you get into the details!

  • Marketing Assets

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    Hey Folks! Still plugging away at the marketing assets for the announcement. A lot of time spent searching for the right screenshots today, both for use on the store page, and in smaller bits of marketing art. E.g. the Steam "capsule" images used at varying resolutions to represent the game in lists, store pages, etc.

  • PR Spool-Up

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    Hey Folks! Short post today, as it was most PR prep work today.

    James and Joshua finished their trailer work, and handed that off to me around the middle of the day. And since then, it's basically been full-bore preparation for the teaser launch. Accounts to setup, domain names, coming soon pages, art assets. And descriptions. Loads and loads of descriptions. Every place you go needs a bespoke blurb of text, and in some places, a half dozen of them.

    So for the next little while, that's what my desk looks like. Lots and lots of marketing prep :)

  • Duties and Roster

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    Hey Folks! Made a bit more progress on the duties UI today, and now it is on par with the roster UI in terms of completeness. I.e. load and save data per crew, but no effects yet.

    Getting the duties UI up and running didn't take too much more time. Like I mentioned earlier, I was able to copy a lot of the code from roster to do similar things here. There were some slight adjustments for duties vs. hours in a day. I also setup the duties list so that I could break it out into json files later, in case I want to expose that to modders.

  • Crew Duties, and Teaser Audio

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    Hey Folks! Split day today between coding and audio review, as James sent his first draft this afternoon.

    The coding started with a handful of smaller bugs I've been meaning to fix. And then I dove into a larger feature that has been missing so far: crew duties.

  • Systemic Emotes

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    Hey Folks! I had a day to wait before the next step on the teaser, so I devoted today to a quick priority review, and working on character emotes.

    The priority review was mainly about taking the current to-do lists I've scattered around and get them into one place. Then, reviewing them to see which are most important and need to be done sooner. I've got about a dozen that seem like they're higher on the list, so I took one of them and ran with it for the rest of the day.

  • Needs More Debris

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    Hey Folks! Hope everyone had a good weekend. I forgot that Monday was Martin Luther King day when I signed-off last week, so I apologize for the lack of post yesterday. We had a weekend jam-packed with gatherings, government, grounds-keeping and...goods-getting? Anyway, it was busy.

    Back at the office, Josh and I chatted briefly with James about audio plans for the teaser. And I began work on two revised shots.

  • PR Review Day

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    Hey Folks! Slower day today. Mostly a review of all the PR stuff I'll have to tackle when the time comes to release the teaser.

    Joshua sent me the latest draft this morning, though, so that was cool. It's looking really good. Better than I expected, which might seem strange. I guess knowing all of the game's faults and missing features made me worried. But the short teaser does a good job of getting the point across without showing the seams.

  • Approaching the Derelict

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    Hey Folks! Just a sneak preview today, as I don't want to give away the entire shot yet.

    I spent most of the day drawing a derelict for an exterior approach shot, and that meant ship hulls, debris, and more special effects. As I work on stuff like this, I'm gaining a real appreciation for the stuff Unity can quickly produce. It takes a bit of time to become familiar with this, but I could picture doing whole animations or special effect shots this way pretty rapidly.

  • Crew Management Footage

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    Hey Folks! Still plugging away at the teaser footage. Today was mostly about crew management snippets.

    The first shot was recording the operating expenses UI as crew members were added to ongoing costs. There were some layout issues I hadn't noticed before, which required me to adjust some of the vertical layout group settings. They're finally behaving now, though.

  • Cutting Crew

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    Hey Folks! Still hard at work on the teaser. Joshua sent me a preview today, and it's really rekindling my enthusiasm for the game. And the goal now is to keep the footage coming so he isn't waiting.

    Today's work focused on crew shots. There's a scene where a crew member explores a dark derelict in their orange suit, headlamp cutting into the darkness. I also cobbled together a few situations where three crew members are each working on fixing things. You can see an example in today's screenshot.

  • Reactor Online, Bug-Fixing, and Capturing Footage

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    Hey Folks! I did a bit of work over the weekend, and the reactor is now fully operational. Or, at least, looks convincing enough for video.

    All of the readings you see in today's screenshot are approximately realistic for "ignition" mode. 6 partially charged batteries are linked to the reactor and UI via the PWR BUS knob, where they can power the indicators and various pumps/regulators. Once the chamber was evacuated, capacitor charged, and all systems ready, the IGNITION switch fired the lasers at the target pellet, initiating fusion.

  • Reactor Control Layout Nearly Done

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    Hey Folks! Back at the office today after a nice break. It felt good to not be following social media for a while. I think it revealed how stressful things like Twitter can be without me realizing it. And it's giving me some food for thought on how I consume content in the future. Not sure how well I can operate a business like this without social channels, but maybe I need to start rationing my usage.