October 2018

  • Tooltips, Head Lamps, and Voids

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    Hey Folks! I tackled a mix of things today, ranging from UI, to gameplay, to simulation.

    One of the things I've been meaning to do was add NEO-Scavenger-like tooltips to the game, so I could see more info about the item under the cursor. A lot of this was on-screen in some plain text, but got covered-up when UI was displayed like the player info or editor part selection. Now, the tooltip follows around the cursor similar to what we saw in NS. The text is still pretty crude by comparison, but it does the job.

  • Spooky Derelicts! And Systems Hardening

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    Hey Folks! A pretty productive day today, as I finished up power improvements, hardened some game systems, and fixed several bugs. Plus, a spooky lighting change!

  • Power Overlay

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    Hey Folks! Hope everyone had a good weekend. Not much noteworthy to report here, though the Steam Halloween sale has started, so if you're somehow reading this and still don't own the game, it's 75% off!

    Back at the office, I added some power overlay stuff today to help me debug the ship damage issues I saw last week. It seemed like conduits that were removed didn't cause appliances further down the line to switch off. And that some of the conduits unintuitively supplied power to items.

  • Ship Pre-Cooking, Cooler Tweaks

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    Hey Folks! Worked on derelicts and ship pre-cooking today, as well as some tweaks to the cooler from yesterday.

  • Heat Rejection and Exchange

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    Hey Folks! News is a bit earlier today, as we have a school potluck to attend in a few minutes.

  • Heat Rejection and Heater Power

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    Hey Folks! Spent a bit of time mulling over cooling systems today, which turned out to be a lot more complex than I was originally thinking. Also, upgraded the heater to have an off and on mode, and solved some power bugs along the way.

  • Heaters and Thermostats

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    Hey Folks! I added a thermostat/temperature alarm earlier today, and by the end of the day, just barely managed to get it to talk to the heater. So as of now, we can automatically turn off the heat when it becomes too hot!

    While getting the thermostat setup, I used the pressure sensor as a template. And I noticed that it was actually really close to being completely data-driven and universal. So I cloned the code for the pressure sensor to make a generic "Sensor" class. Now, in theory, I can use it in a variety of different ways just based on the data supplied to it.

  • Heaters and Taxes

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    Hey Folks! Hope everyone enjoyed their weekend. Sort of a busy one here, catching up on chores from when we were sick. I did get back into Oxygen Not Included to see what's new. Though I think I'm barely able to get far enough to notice yet :)

  • Heating Done, and LoS Improvement

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    Hey Folks! Feels like I may be on the mend again, as today was the first I've felt better since this all started. And I managed to finish up a few tasks!

    First, the heater code seems to be in a good place. Unsurprisingly, there were a few errors in my approach. For one thing, the heat transfer due to black body radiation depends on the temperature difference between the object and ambient air, which I neglected. Accounting for that means the air heats up less and less as it approaches the heating body's temperature.

  • Line of Sight

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    Hey Folks. Bit of a diversion today, as I'm somewhat ill. Not quite sick enough to throw in the towel, but enough that I allowed myself to pursue an idea brought on by a fever dream last night.

    One problem in the space prototype that I've been putting off is the question of how I'll render lights, line of sight, and user perspective. It's a ball of factors that are interrelated, and so far, I haven't found a good solution.

  • More Thermoregulation, PLSS, and Heaters

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    Hey Folks! Finished work today on body thermoregulation, as well as starting on heaters for life support.

  • Thermoregulation

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    Hey Folks! Treading water here with illness. Symptoms are kind of holding at the mild onset stage, which could be a good sign that my body's fending it off. Or, you know, I'm in for a doozy :)

    I got the body temperature code hooked up today, along with some stats for the standard human, medium-weight clothes, and an EVA suit. Pretty much all copied exactly from NEO Scavenger. Upon firing it up, it worked...kind of.

  • Clothes and Body Temperature

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    Hey Folks! Hope everyone had a good weekend. Unfortunately, some sickness going around the household here, and I may be next in line. Hopefully that won't be.

    Back in the space prototype, I've continued the slot work from last week. This time, the focus was on clothing. I had three sets of clothes used on my old crew, so those body part sprites were already done. And last week, I added two sprites for unequipped clothing, so they could be displayed as items on the floor. They were just missing the data files to make them available in-game.

  • EVA Helmet

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    Hey Folks! Helmet is now working, and was a pretty good test case for more "active" equipment to come.

    I decided to make a simple equip/unequip process for now, and expand it later as-needed. So when the player wants to equip something, they right-click it and choose "equip." This does the usual pathfinding thing if needed to the item selected, then instead of adding it to the crew's "container," it gets slotted into the first appropriate slot with room. In this case, the empty "helmet" slot.

  • Take Your Protein Pills and Put Your Helmet On

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    Well, we don't have any protein pills yet, but the helmet's getting there!

    Today was all about the equipment system, and getting the game to handle equipping items into specific slots. I added some new features to items to define how they should affect a condition owner (CO) when installed in a slot. And to complete that system, a feature on COs that defines which slots they have.

    So now, my crew have a slot called "helmet" defined. And the helmet item has a slot usage that looks something like this:

  • Underwear!

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    Hey Folks! Making headway on the character clothes and appearance today.

    As you can see in the screenshot, we now have underwear! And skin tone/hair color now matches face appearance, including when reloaded from a save file. So now the character's top-down appearance has some semblance of permanence. Which is a big step towards following what your crew is doing, since you can now tell them apart and they don't change every load :)

  • Drill and EVA Suit

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    Hey Folks! Work continued today on tools for the crew, adding the handheld drill and beginnings of an EVA suit.

    The drill was pretty quick to knock-out, as I was able to reuse a lot of the effort from the laser torch setup yesterday. It's the blue tool with LEDs next to the laser torch, near the bottom of today's screenshot. Neither has in-game functions yet, but they are otherwise setup to be used when I get to that. (E.g. they have mass, price, and stats, but no in-game interactions apart from pick-up)

  • Hand Tools

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    Hey Folks! Hope everyone had a good weekend. Ours included a kids' birthday party, karaoke, and furniture shopping. And lots and lots of rain.

    Back at the office, I wrapped-up the save/load bugs I found last week by delving into the room generation code. It turns out it was a simple bit of code I hadn't updated after rejiggering the save system.

  • Rooms and Atmo

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    Hey Folks! Quick update today, as I have to run to a toddler gathering.

    Most of the day was spent tracking down a weird atmosphere sim bug in the load/save system. It looks like some of the save fixes I made mishandled loading of rooms, and they were ending up both disabled in-game, and with zero volume.

  • Maiden Voyage, Fixing Saves and Pathfinding

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    Hey Folks! Managed to fix several save game and pathfinding issues, launch my crew on their maiden voyage today, but not without issues.