February 2017

  • Website Preview? And More Biz Admin

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    Hey Folks! Another busy day of phoning, emailing, and accounting. I finally started digging into tax documents for 2016, and it's going to be another "fun" year :)

  • Email Frenzy

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    Hey Folks! Hope everyone had a good weekend. I apologize for the missed news post on Friday. We took possession of our new home, and well, if you've ever bought a home before, you know firsthand what kind of blast radius that has on your schedule :) Needless to say, this is going to be an interesting next couple of weeks.

    When I wasn't hauling garbage, cleaning, or stuck in traffic, I've been constantly on the phone or emailing. Between the upcoming mobile game launch and the house, I'm suddenly the hub of dozens of communications streams.

  • Memory Lane

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    Hey Folks! Despite not touching an ounce of code today, it actually felt pretty productive. Not having errands really helped :)

    First order of business was to get trailer inspiration and materials together for Josh to digest. Since a live action establishing shot is on the table, I collected some of the old cosplay photos as well as the PAX East photos, for reference. I also started digging through old quotes, reviews, and other commentary on the game for hallmark moments.

  • Trailer Kick-Off, and Errands

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    Hey Folks! Bit of a light news day today, as most of it was spent in various meeting rooms and banks. Necessary errands, unfortunately, but at least they were one-time things and are done with now.

    On to the exciting stuff!

  • All Cylinders

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    Hey Folks! Hope everyone had a good weekend. We had the pleasure of playing Pandemic Legacy with some friends the other day. Interesting evolution of the boardgame! Almost feels like a really structured (rules) role-playing campaign session. So far, a couple rioting cities, 1 scarred character, and an incurable disease, and we've only finished January.

  • Gear Switch, and OOO Monday(ish)

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    Hey Folks! I'm in a bit of a holding pattern with some of the tasks I've started, so I decided to switch gears today and spend a bit of time on the space game.

    Namely, naming it! (pun intended)

    I think I've got a name I'm going to stick with. After many a false start and unoriginal idea, I finally arrived at something that can be mine. Mine! And I think it might even suit the nature of the game a bit better than my previous ideas.

  • Trailer Research

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    Not a lot to report today, as it was mostly research and testing for trailers. But I did make progress on that front.

    For one thing, it appears there is a way for me to record footage of the mobile build on PC without the cursor appearing. Which is good! Whatever I do for the trailer, I now have a way to insert footage of the actual game. But watching the cursor-less footage is a bit weird. Like watching a game haunted by a poltergeist :)

  • ...And Under-Achiever

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    Hey Folks! Not such a productive day today. I think I may have coded myself into a corner, so-to-speak. And when I searched for backup tasks to switch to, I think each has obstacles of its own.

  • Over-Achiever

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    Hey Folks! Today felt a lot less productive than it actually was, but that's probably because it fizzled near the end.

    Looking over the remaining issues, one of the higher priorities is finishing the store-related tasks. E.g. achievements, leaderboards, store text and images, etc. There are already a batch of achievements done, so I could technically call them done.

  • It's the (Almost) Final Countdown

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    Hey Folks! Hope everyone had a good weekend. Pretty tame here. Errands, yardwork, and some silly dancing with the little one.

    I think we're approaching the end here, as Tiago and I discuss the last batch of issues and transitioning into support mode. We have a few more things to add/verify with achievements, in-app purchase to unlock full version, some other launch stuff, and bugs.

    The list is shrinking. 22 open issues, 10 of which are critical/required before launch. Of those 10, the breakdown is:

  • New Help Pages, and Stack UI

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    Hey Folks! It was a GUI-centric day today, as I shored-up the new touch controls version of help, and decided to add a toggle for item stacks.

    The new help screen looks pretty much like yesterday's layout. I moved a few things around for clarity, and tweaked the text a bit. But the idea is the same. The one addition is stacks, of which Tiago reminded me.

  • Mobile Help Screen 1.0

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    Hey Folks! I managed to get a first draft of the help screen done today, but not before Windows/nVidia decided to make my life difficult.

    I spent the better part of my morning trying to understand why the game was suddenly running at 5-10fps instead of the usual 30-60fps. None of the relevant code had changed. I didn't update any library versions. The computer appeared to be working normally. Restarting, rebuilding, and release/debug didn't seem to make a difference. And it was only affecting me, not Tiago.

  • Loose Ends: The Tightening

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    Continuing yesterday's efforts to take care of long-standing, non code issues, I decided to tackle some UI graphics today.

    First, however, I had to finish up the achievement task. And that basically amounted to copy/pasting text and image links to each of the iTunes Game Center achievements. A bit tedious, but easy enough to do.

    When that was done, however, the next issue to jump out at me was the help screen.

  • Crashing Camps and Achievement Art

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    Hey Folks! Still plugging away at crash bugs today. Though, I also did a bit of housekeeping and finalizing for achievements:


    If that doesn't say "achievement," then I don't know what does!

  • NEO Scavenger Mobile - The Final Week

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    Here, we use "Final" in the Hollywood sense :)

    Seriously, though, Tiago nailed a bunch of bugs last week. And while I only killed a few, there were several major crash bugs among our combined lists. The good news is that our issue list is dwindling to the last handful, and most of them are the lowest pre-launch priority or near to it. I think we only have 2-3 crash bugs left open, and they are there only because they're hard to make happen. So maybe we're closer to done than I give credit for?

  • NEO Scavenger Giveaway Fixed!

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    Hey Folks! Daley just sent word that they've fixed the giveaway, so if you ran into errors before, now's your chance.


    For reals this time.

  • Encounter Trigger Fixed, Battles Next

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    Hey Folks! Just a quick note today, as I'm running late for making dinner.

    The encounter trigger fix is in, and required some more strategic placement of null reference handling in the inventory UI. Basically, when the player used the sign at the Last Chance diner in the sprawl (or any encounter trigger item), the encounter would delete it on the first page (to avoid the player using again while already inside the diner, recursively entering it).

  • Giveaway Errors, and Bug Fixing

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    Hey Folks! First up, let me apologize for the issues you've encountered with NationFusion's giveaway. Apparently, this is a bigger issue than originally thought, and they're working on a fix. The good news is that it's still going to happen, but it'll take some more time to sort out.

    In other news, I'm still working on crash bugs.

  • NationFusion Is Giving Away Steam Keys for NEO Scavenger Right Now

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    Alert! Alert!


    They Are Literally Giving Copies Away! (Actually Literally)