January 2017

  • iOS Testing Going Well, and Music!

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    Hey Folks! Some good news from today's testing, as iOS seems to be a significantly better build. And Josh's new tracks are solid, as always!

    Tiago updated the iOS builds this morning, so I loaded them onto my iPad 3 to see how our fixes/memleak changes were working. And I have to say, it's darned near done.

  • No Work Day

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    Hey Folks! Slow news day today. Unfortunately, I had almost a complete day of errands to run, and just got to the office now. So not much to report.

    Tiago says we killed the majority of the severe bugs last week, though, and testing is looking good. Mostly lesser issues and polish left on the board again. I'll have to take it for a spin tomorrow and see if I can repro anything on my end.

    Also, Josh's got a new batch of music for me to check out, so that's always something to look forward to :)

    Have a good night, all!

  • Hacking and Flashlight Bugs

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    Hey Folks! Another round of bug fixes today. This time involving hardware items.

    Yesterday's errant laptop turned out to be due to hacking encounters not using the treasure encounters provide as a reward directly. Instead, it compares the player's items to the reward, and if there is a certain kind of match, the player item is mode-switched. But the comparison object was never cleaned-up, hence the extra laptop in memory after a hacking encounter.

  • Bugs and Taxes

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    Hey Folks! Had a pretty good continuation of yesterday's bug-fixing. Plus, taxes!

    The taxes were sort of old news, as I've already done them and was just waiting for a PIN from the IRS. And true to the IRS's style of late, it came way sooner than they promised. They are one government organization that sends things out fast! Now if only we could simplify some of those forms... :)

    The bug fixes today involved newspapers, deleting items, and hacking.

  • Bug Thwacking, and Stats Are Improving!

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    Hey Folks! Another day of testing and fixing here. I'm happy to report that several of our top-priority crash bugs have been relegated to "verify" status, as either we explicitly added a fix for them, or else cannot reproduce them anymore. Plus, stability is up and memory leaks are down!

  • Triage, and Bug Fixing Resumed

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    Hey Folks! Just a quick update today as I'm running late.

    It's been a while since the last issue triage, so I spent some time this morning reviewing all outstanding issues to update their priorities. Quite a few got shuffled around, and we're getting to the point where we have bugs that are showstoppers vs. bugs we can launch with and patch later. The latter are things that have workarounds and don't corrupt the game, but might be a little annoying. (And frankly, probably not as bad as those I launched on PC with.)

  • Revenge of the Crafting Leak

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    Hey Folks! Hope everyone had a good weekend. Rochelle's licensing exam seems to have gone quite well, and we visited friends to boot. So, successful trip!

    Unfortunately, my memory leak fixes from last week were lying in wait for my return. And upon playtesting a mere 3 minutes, snapped shut the jaws of null reference.

  • Crafting Leak Tamed, OOO Tomorrow

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    Hey Folks! Early update today as I'm about to head out. I think the crafting leak I mentioned may be mostly under control now.

    The fix involved probably over a dozen patches to various places in the code where items were created but later never destroyed. Things like temporary treasures generated while checking a recipe, item components and stack contents during these checks, potential yield items that later were replaced by final copies, etc. It was a huge rat king of interdependent code, and I fear null references in our future.

  • CombatPairs and Crafting Leak

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    Hey Folks! Tiago and I are starting to see improvements! Our latest memory leak fixes have the numbers way down, to the degree that short games look pretty safe. But there may still be some long-term effects to fix.

    After a quick recap, we decided my next target should be CombatPairs. These are not being destroyed appropriately after combat, and as combat can occur both between player and NPCs and between distant NPCs, this can add-up.

  • Item Instance Wrangling

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    Hey Folks! Hope everyone had a good weekend. We're finally on the mend here, it seems. Saturday was like a shroud of ache and lethargy was lifted, and despite a lingering half-cough, I feel like a new man. Wellness is nothing to take for granted!

    Also, as most of you probably figured out, yesterday was a stat holiday here. (Martin Luther King Jr. Day, celebrating civil rights and one of its great heroes.)

  • Items Fight Back

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    Hey Folks! The memory leak fixing hit some speed bumps today, as it appears ItemInstances were prepared for my attack and mounted a defense.

    They're thinking!

    It took most of the morning to even make sense of what I was seeing, for one thing. I could clearly see which items were being leftover, and where they were created and should've been destroyed. But then, when it came time to destroy them, it was as if the game forgot it created them.

  • Encounters Finished, Items Next. And Music!

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    Hey Folks! Still on the slow road to recovery here. Probably a notch better, but way more exhausted as I woke up earlier. From what I know of the flu, looks like at least a week or two more of this as it slowly wanes. Ugh.

  • Encounter Memory, and New Music

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    Hey Folks! Feeling a tad bit better today, thankfully. Slept almost 12 hours to get that benefit, though. Whole family did. What a circus of a week.

    I'm making progress on Encounter refactoring, but it's pretty messy.

    Basically, the original game would load all encounters, and provide direct references when one was requested. Some local code would then clone encounters as-needed, such as when using battle or scavenge encounters as a template with modified text.

    As a result, nowhere in the code does it clean up after itself :)

  • Conditions Plugged, Encounters Next

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    Hey Folks! Memleak work continues today, as conditions get wrapped-up, and we turn to encounters.

  • Plugging the Memories

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    Hey Folks! Hope everyone had a good weekend. I decidedly had a bad weekend. Or, at least a bad Sunday. It consisted of fever chills, aching skin, coughing, and swallowing my own mucous for almost 24 hours. Rochelle, too. Our daughter had it Friday, so it was sort of foretold. Still a bit achy and chilly today, and coughing more, but I feel a full human's worth better.

  • Happy 2017! And NEO Scavenger Update v1.15: Autosave Fixes.

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    Happy New Year everybody! It's been a long hiatus as I work on the mobile version, but one bug fix was important enough to back-port to the old desktop version.

    I've just finished uploading new test build 1.15, which includes a fix for the autosave feature.


  • Firing Up the Old Flash Code

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    Hey Folks! A little bit of old and new today, as I worked on both the mobile port and Flash version.

    Yup, you heard that right. The Flash version.


    Hello darkness, my old friend...

  • More Admin, and Resuming Mobile Work

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    Hey Folks! Still catching-up on the inbox here. I managed to get back to a few more people, pay some more taxes, and review some web design updates from The Jibe. But I also had a little bit of time to test some mobile stuff.

    The business-y stuff is as dry a topic as always. Business and Occupation taxes for December needed filing/paying, inquiries needed replies, etc. The Jibe stuff was actually more interesting, as it was visual in nature. We're talking about a fan art page for NEO Scavenger, where I can (finally!) post some of the cool pictures folks have sent.

  • 2016 Has Died of Severe Traumatic Brain Injury

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    2016 Has Died of Severe Traumatic Brain Injury...


    ...and good riddance.