December 2016

  • Last-Minute Memleak Work, and Happy Holidays!

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    Hey Folks! Last day at the office before taking a week off, so what better way to spend it than working on memory leaks?

    Actually, I did also finally pay myself for 2016 this morning. So that's kind of exciting :)

    The memory leak situation has regressed. Tiago reports that the memory usage is actually worse after my changes than before. Oof!

  • Condition Memory Leak Commit, and Tax Prep

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    Hey Folks! Another split day today, with roughly half coding and half IRS fun.

  • Hellish Conditions

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    Still knee-deep in the blood of player conditions here, trying to reduce memory leaks.

    Almost half the day was spent restructuring the way conditions are added and removed from creatures. The thrust of this change was to avoid instantiating new conditions where I didn't need to. Often, I only needed to see if a condition existed on a creature, and there was no need to make that creature generate the new condition just to check.

  • Procedural Music Redux, and More Memory Leaking

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    Hey Folks! Did a bit more work on Josh's procedural music for the space game, as well as returning to more memory leak fixes.

    Since the procedural music was having timing issues due to my code, Josh and I agreed he'll continue on the other, more traditional tracks. And in the meantime, I'll try a few more things to see if I can get it to work. No need to make Josh wait for me to fix stuff when he has other tasks cleared for development.

  • Mobile Testing, Music Making, and Taxes

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    Hey Folks! Hope everyone had a good weekend. We pretty much hibernated here. Though, we did have a nice walk yesterday in sub-freezing weather. Not quite like the picturesque winters up north, but on the other hand, no shoveling!

  • Email Services, Music-Making, and Other Admin

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    Hey Folks! Just a quick update today, as I have to run and start making dinner with the fam.

    A good chunk of today was spent researching ways to fix my email woes. And current thinking is to offload my email (both personal and website-generated "transactional" emails) from my webhost to a dedicated email service. Something like, GSuite, etc. Still unsure which. But eventually, the new site will be using them anyway, so maybe now's a good time to start moving the email portion over, since my current solution can't reach the Microsoft world.

  • Ship-Making Music and Site Maintenance

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    Hey Folks! Switched things up a bit today and worked on the site and music playback for the space prototype.

    As you can probably tell by the red banner at the top, and possibly by the site maintenance earlier today, it was a day of web-admin work. More code updates and patches. The Hotmail/Live/Outlook issue isn't solved yet, and I've asked my webhost about it. However, there's also a new feature (or rather, a revamp of an old feature that was lost): abuse reporting.

  • AI Item Memory Leak, and Payroll Taxes

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    Hey Folks! More memory leak fixing today, plus a bit of fun (not) tax research.

    The memory leak had me pretty defeated yesterday. Almost half a day of tracing output and trying experiments, and I still couldn't figure out where these orphaned items were coming from. I had a suspicion they were AI related, but couldn't prove it.

    Fast forward one night's sleep, and I was finally able to make progress. Yay sleep!

  • Battle Memory Leaks, and Elusive Leaks

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    Hey Folks! Work continues on the memory leak patches today.

    Tiago found some bugs in the memory leak patch I added that caused battles to have null pointers. He was able to prevent the errors, but it was tricky to sort out which items belonged to the battle vs. regular encounter items. So we plugged away at it a bit, and were finally able to sort them out using the data handler class. Basically, there is one of each battle move in memory that all battles share, so we had to be careful not to delete them prematurely. But also make sure we deleted them when done.

  • Scavenging Memory Leak Fix, and Business Stuff

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    Hey Folks! Hope everyone had a good weekend. I used actual tools and lumber this weekend to build a counter stool for the toddler. Despite grumbling through most of it, it feels good to have actually fashioned something with tools! Also, power drills are like the best things ever.

    I was all over the place at work today. Paying off State Business and Occupation taxes, renewing my city business license, reviewing corporate credit card offers, and various other paperwork-y things.

  • Memory Leak Hand-Off

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    Hey Folks! As Friday evening rolls around, I've taken my memory leak as far as I could. Tiago tends to put some hours in on weekends, so I've checked in my code for him to look over, and see if it's worth continuing.

  • Memory Leaking Encounters, and Web Admin

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    Hey Folks! More memory leak patching today. I think I've finally got most of yesterday's leaks sorted out, including the encounters.

  • Memory Leaking Camps, Encounters, and Skill Items

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    Hey Folks! I continued my memory leak investigation today, and I think I found some culprits. It appears campsites, encounter items, and skill selection are behaving badly.

    The skill selection is an odd one, as I use a temporary skill item to check if the player has completely filled their skill or trait boxes. And for whatever reason, those test items remain in memory even after quitting. This doesn't have a huge impact, but adds-up if you play multiple new games in a session. This wasn't too hard to fix.

  • iPad Testing, Memory Leaks

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    Hey Folks! Took some time this morning to try out the latest build on iPad, and it's getting pretty close. Almost no new bugs logged, and the worst new one I found was pretty minor. (More annoyance than game-breaking.) For reference, this was a 1.5 hour session, complete with septicaemia. No crashes, no glitches, no problems other than some frustrating item fiddling. And even then, this was during my attempts to use tiny pill bottles without using the zoom feature.

    Not bad!

  • Bugs and Store Stuff

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    Hey Folks! Hope everyone had a good weekend. Believe it or not, I've had some spare time lately to actually play games. So I decided to finally pick up 7 Days to Die per some players' recommendations. Pretty cool! Kinda feels like Skyrim and Minecraft mushed together in a slightly fantasy-like zombie apocalypse. I'm enjoying it!

  • Mobile Bug Fixing Resumes, and Docking Track

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    Hey Folks! Tiago's moved into his new apartment now (mostly), and was able to get back to bug fixing. And momentum is picking up!

    First on the list was a null pointer bug after combat when using his memory leak fixes. We tossed around some code this morning, and were able to narrow it down to one or two places. We figured out some ways to avoid the issue, and Tiago's going to additionally make his clean-up code run a bit later to ensure the game has a chance to do whatever it needs before the creature is destroyed from memory.

  • More Icons and Admin

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    Hey Folks! Not much to show today. I ended up reworking the iOS icon a bit after some test runs. I eventually settled on a border to help segregate the icon from the home screen wallpaper, but getting that border aligned to iOS's rounded corners was a bear. And to make things worse, it appears to change with iOS version.