November 2016

  • App Icons, Docking Music, and Spam Attack

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    Hey Folks! Bit of an unusual day today. No real dev work as I spent most of the day on biz admin emails, site spam defenses, and app icon design. Still, I think some good progress was made!

  • Slow Start, But Back On Track

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    Hey Folks! Had a bit of a rough start this morning, but I think I'm gaining momentum again.

    This morning was a terrible slog through mismatched Haxe libraries, compiler errors, and other issues. As usual, the tinkering I did in my library versions to make one project work (encounter editor) completely broke my other projects.

  • Encounter Editor Dead, But Not Dead Weight

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    Hey Folks! Hope everyone enjoyed their (long?) weekend. We visited with some friends, Skyped with family, and generally enjoyed decompressing from the normal life stresses for a few days.

  • Editor Fix Progress, New Space Track, and OOO

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    Hey Folks! Not a lot to show today, unfortunately. Still working on encounter editor issues. But I did get some cool stuff from Josh to review.

    One of the tracks Josh has been working on for the space game has been a "take off" track. It fits the bill nicely, with a build-up leading to a vast, empty heartbeat style Great for setting the tone of a potentially deadly flight :)

  • Encounters and Achievements

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    Hey Folks! Been a bit of a slow day today. I actually had a lot of time to work, but seemingly made little progress.

    The main issue I'm encountering is that my old NEO Scavenger encounter editor seems to be dying. I was about to start updating some achievement data, which requires changes to some encounters' condition rewards, but ran into issues saving my work.

    For one thing, the old encounter editor binary wasn't working anymore, and I couldn't compile a new one.

  • Site Update, Bug Fixes

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    Hey Folks! Hope everyone had a good weekend. Getting ready for Thanksgiving season here, and have already had on TG-spinoff: Dessertgiving! (It's pretty much what it sounds like.)

    Back at work, it was a bit of a slow day as I had to run some errands midway through. I did, however, update the site, and knock-off a few more bugs.

    The site needed yet another patch, so I had to take it offline briefly to upload/install. It's not a difficult process, but tedious. Fortunately, it went smoothly, and we were back online within minutes.

  • Bug Slaying

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    Hey Folks! Pretty standard bug-fixing day today. Trudging through the bug list a bit faster than we're finding new ones, so we're still on track.

    Some of today's fixes include fixing redundant campsite log spam when autosave is turned on. The unsocketing/socketing of campsites was causing noise trap and other status messages to repeat each turn, which isn't very useful.

    I also fixed a bug that caused the player to move if they clicked the slide-out tray I added. Simple to fix, but I didn't think of it until the bug showed up.

  • Achievements, Bugs, and Finances

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    Hey Folks! Now that Josh and I have had a chance to hear the dynamic music, we've agreed to tweak it a bit in the future. Probably with some shorter pieces for more variety. However, before that, he's going to work on a few more standard tracks, to further nail down the style and have more reference material.

    So, I've turned my attention back to the mobile project.

  • Proc-Gen Mix, Take Two

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    Hey Folks! I spent another day refining the procedural music mixing code mentioned in yesterday's post. It takes individual layers that Josh has composed, and randomly mixes and matches them to a rhythm to create an endless, non-repeating mix.

  • Audio Diversion

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    Hey Folks! Took a bit of a diversion from the mobile project today. Josh just sent me some audio tracks for an experiment on the space prototype, so I wanted to get some feedback to him.

    Since the player is going to be spending a while on the ship editing screen, we were talking about ways to prevent the music from getting repetitive. One way is to simply have a batch of songs to play at random, much like how NEO Scavenger does it. Josh, however, had an interesting alternative.

  • Demo->Full Version Working, and Phantom Bugs Haunt iPad!

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    Hey Folks! Hope everyone had a good weekend. I felt really tired for some reason, but I seem to be back to normal today. I'll blame the baby's wonky sleep schedule, I guess :)

  • New Fonts, More Fixes

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    Hey Folks! Had another pretty successful day of fixes and upgrades to the mobile engine today.

    One of the more visible enhancements is the new font treatment:


    New Outlined Pixel Font

  • UI Fix Day

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    Hey Folks! A bit more productive today, but still nothing like a few days ago.

    Most of today was UI related stuff. The first thing tackled was adding the pixelsupertiny font to the game for use in stack counts. We had been trying a scaled-down version of the tiny and mid sized fonts used in the rest of the UI, but it had legibility issues on some screens. This one seems more stable.

  • More Talk, Less Do

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    Hey Folks! Things were a bit slower today. Tiago and I tested the latest build, noted a few persistent user experience issues with precision placement, and reassessed how to tackle that. We also chatted achievements, and a few other things.

  • Bug Busters

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    Mobile bug hunting continues today, and we're knocking them off left and right.

    Today's fixes included:

  • Last Mile Mobile Fixes

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    Hey Folks! Hope everyone had a good weekend. What free time I had was largely dominated by voting. There were no fewer than 39 things/people to vote for in Seattle! Takes a while to learn the relevant stances and pros/cons. But after several hours of research, I'm done! Just have to drop the ballot in the box tonight. And then break out the popcorn, I guess. Seems like an interesting week (years?) ahead.

  • Moar Bigger Buttons, Sound Glitches, and Tooltip Fixes

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    Another bug-fixalicious day today. I was fortunately able to dive right in this morning as I had nearly fixed an issue last night before quitting. I should do this more often. It makes getting restarted so much easier!

    The issue in question is sound effects re-fading-out every time certain screens opened or actions in game. This was made clearer when I was testing the DMC, as urban sounds were fading while I was in the wilderness.

  • iPad Testing, VFX and SFX Bugs

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    Hey Folks! Tiago wrapped-up a new test build overnight, so I spent a good hour+ testing it today on my iPad. And I think we've officially crossed into minor bug territory. All of the issues I recall finding are non-game-breaking, as most have workarounds or are just don't impact play much. I could do pretty much everything I intended to, either on my first try or via the new zooming/panning and other UX tools.

    I hesitate to say we're pretty much done, as I'm always wrong. But I feel like I could probably launch with this experience and be forgiven.

  • Bigger Action Buttons

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    Hey Folks! Another day of mobile dev work here. Today, I finished updating the action buttons to be easier to touch on mobile.

    As previewed a few days ago, the action buttons are now twice as tall, and closer to square in their dimensions (instead of thin rectangles). The intent here is to make the user more comfortable using them on touchscreens.

    On 4:3 mode, they now live in the empty space that was below attack modes. Conveniently accessible via the right thumb when held like a book.

  • More Combat Bugs, and Inventory

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    Hey Folks! The barrage of bug-fixing continues today, with finalizing combat fixes, and moving into inventory.

    The issue with unconsciousness wearing off too soon turned out to be what I thought yesterday. A simple fix to the way the game checks for an items' properties resolved it, and dogmen were happily falling unconscious from shock, and importantly, staying that way :)

    I then turned my attention to slot bugs. Namely, we were having trouble applying stacked bandages when the last bandage was in hand.