October 2016

  • Battle Bugs

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    Hey Folks! Hope everyone had a good weekend. A bit anxious here, but otherwise uneventful.

    I put the new UI candy on hold for a bit after reviewing the list of current issues in the game. Some higher priority bugs have surfaced, so I'm tackling those first.

    So far, the bulk of them are in battle mode. It seems some 4:3 UI stuff needed adjusting, unseen creature sprites needed special handling, and main menu button hitboxes were off a bit.

  • New Action Buttons

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    Hey Folks! Been working on the new action buttons for mobile today. Trying to find a way to make the buttons bigger for those tiny screens, in a GUI that has basically no extra space left.

    The current thinking is that we'll have a slide-out tray/panel on the side of the screen that the user can open to get at all the buttons. When it's closed, only the most commonly-used buttons are there, as well as running/hiding indicators. Here's a mockup in Small UI mode:

  • Action Buttons, Scrolling Messages, and iPad Testing

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    Today was better, in terms of progress. Most of the day was dedicated to mobile, including some art, testing, and dev.

  • Partial Days

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    Hey Folks! Sorry for the late update today. I had a bank appointment this afternoon, and then it was time for dinner, and then the baby's bath, and...it's now quarter after nine and I'm finally back.

    Unsurprisingly, today wasn't the most productive. I managed to do a little work this morning, working on busy icon/UI, and a little iPad testing. But nothing I can really feel proud of.

  • Last-Minute Marquee, Music, Button Audio, and Loading Icon

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    It turned out I had a few more last-minute changes to make to the title screen marquee. Tiago has a new way of loading URLs that seems more reliable than what I was using, so I updated that. And while I was there, I decided to make the default hard-coded messages disappear if the game finds new ones on the web. Never know how often updates will happen, so this lets me overwrite out-of-date messages from afar.

    I also decided on what that default message will be. For now, just a simple "Mobile edition released!" yadda yadda one would expect from a new launch.

  • News Marquee Done, New Space Track

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    Hey Folks! Hope everyone enjoyed their weekend. Pretty quiet here. Mostly family stuff. I've been itching to get back into gaming for a while, but inevitably find myself unable to choose anything. And before long, I'm just reading twitter/reddit. I desperately need a) free time, b) something with which to obsess during that time. Been a while since I was gonzo for a game...

  • Scrolling Backgrounds and Subcameras

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    Hey Folks! Still trudging through mobile UI here. Finally fixed the scrolling title screen silhouettes, and started work on a message window.

  • Mobile UI Work

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    Still plowing through mobile UI changes. I managed to fix the confirm "family" of buttons on both widescreen and 4:3 UI modes. And while I was in there, I decided to fix up a few UI placement things to make it look nicer and be easier to use. I also noticed a few minor bugs that were introduced in the engine port, such as fonts being the wrong size.

  • More Confirm! Bigger Random! Also, Date Stinks.

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    Hey Folks! Today was another full-on mobile dev day. Mostly bug fixing, with a bit of new UI work.

  • Deep Debugging On Mobile

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    Still digging into bugs on mobile today. Been spending most of my time tracking down a weird demo bug which spawned feral dogs and King Elias in the demo, instead of the player.

    As it turns out, this was a tiny bug in the code with big implications. A missed closing quote caused all creaturesources (i.e. spawn rules) to be added to the list of creatures (i.e. actual creature stats), so we ended up having our creature list IDs mixed up. Adding that quote into the code seems to have fixed the issue, and I'm checking for any others.

  • Mobile Work Continues

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    Hey Folks! Hope everyone enjoyed their weekend. Our family trip was a success, and we also survived the "Stormpocalypse" that was being predicted. So I call that a win! Interestingly, the biggest storm we received over the weekend was a spam forum poster that was pretty prolific across the net, but not hard to remove. Hopefully, they've moved on to greener pastures.

  • Mobile Title Screen Work, and OOO

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    Hey Folks! Been plugging away at the new mobile title screen. I have all the new UI assets made, and just finished the 3 UI mode layouts this afternoon. I think it's looking much nicer, and cleaner.

    I still haven't finished the scrolling marquee/message box at the bottom, so that'll be the next step. The pieces are in place, but I need to make it fetch and display the text, and probably load an optional URL for some messages. (E.g. click here for the contest, or try the demo at this link, etc.)

  • Want To Win a Steam Copy of NEO Scavenger? Put Your Naming Hats On!

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    Hey Folks!

    Do you want to win a free Steam copy of NEO Scavenger? Well, you're in luck! Until October 21st, Herblin is hosting a giveaway of 5 Steam keys on his YouTube channel, and it includes a chance for you to leave your mark on the upcoming space prototype!

    Check out the video for complete rules and explanation:

  • Space Music and Mobile Work

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    Hey Folks! Bit of a slower day today. Most of it was spent on administrative tasks. Unfortunate, as I was hoping to get cracking on some mobile UI improvements :)

    Even so, I had a chance to review one of Josh's new tracks for the space prototype, and it's good as usual. Strong ambient piece for use during the main game loop (interplanetary transit). He still has some work he wants to do on it, but I think it's off to a strong start!

  • Mobile Upgrades

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    Hey folks! Took the day to plug away at mobile stuff today, and Tiago and I are really on a roll.

    One of the major improvements Tiago recently added was pinch zoom and panning. And on top of that, a better placement algorithm that makes placing items in inventory spaces more forgiving. It basically tried a bunch of spots around where the user touched and fits the item if it can. Saves a lot of trial and error and guesswork!

  • Mobile and New Title Screen

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    Hey Folks! Hope everyone had a good Tuesday. Family trip for me yesterday. It was fun watching the little one gawk at fish and other kids. We gotta let her out more :)

    Back at the office, I had a few administrative things to do in the morning, then it was straight into NEO Scavenger mobile.

  • Orbital Mechanics, Mobile Zoom Controls, and OOO Tomorrow

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    Hey Folks! Hope everyone had a good weekend. As mentioned Friday, my folks are in town, so we spent most of our time catching-up with them. And tomorrow, I'll be out of the office to visit with them. Should be back on Wednesday, though.

    After taking care of some local tax stuff and other government filings, I set about working on orbital plotting in the space prototype. With the ellipse-plotter UI working, the trick now is to get it showing legitimate orbits for things.